Today (July 7), CNOOC announced that the Bohai 12 million-ton oilfield group - Kenli 6-1 oilfield group has been fully put into production, marking that China has successfully mastered the non-integrated large-scale oilfield development technology system, which is of great significance to further improving the national energy security security capability.

Kenli 6-1 oilfield group is located in the southern waters of the Bohai Sea, with an average water depth of about 19 meters and proven geological reserves of more than 1 million tons, which is the first 5 million ton lithological large-scale oilfield discovered by the low-convex shallow exploration of the Bohai Sea in China. The development of oilfield groups mainly includes 1 blocks, consisting of 9 central processing platform and <> unmanned wellhead platforms, which is the development project with the largest number of intelligent wellhead platforms in China's offshore so far.

Ran Congjun, Deputy General Manager of Bonan Operation Company of CNOOC Tianjin Branch: Although Kenli 6-1 Oilfield Group has large reserves, the oil layer is thin, widely distributed, and the abundance is low, and the economy of development in traditional methods is not high. To this end, we rely on the surrounding oilfields and adopt the method of intelligent unmanned platform for development, saving about 20% of investment costs, and it took only two years from design to production, creating a record for the development of <> million tons of oilfield in Bohai Oilfield.

Kenli 6-1 oilfield group wellhead platform adopts intelligent and unmanned design, and all 177 wells use remote control on unmanned platform. Through the integrated automatic monitoring and early warning system, all equipment of the unmanned platform can be remotely monitored, and the collected production data can be synchronized with intelligent analysis and dynamic evaluation of the status, and timely early warning intervention for abnormal operating parameters can be achieved to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the unmanned platform.

Sun Pengxiao, Deputy General Manager of CNOOC Tianjin Branch: Kenli 6-1 Oilfield Group is the first large-scale adoption of intelligent linkage integrated application in the development of China's offshore 13 million ton oilfield, and its successful development marks that CNOOC has mastered the development technology system of non-integrated large-scale oilfield, laying the foundation for promoting the development of Bozhong 2-<> in the same type of <> million ton oilfield.

Up to now, the daily output of crude oil in Kenli 6-1 Oilfield Group has exceeded 8000,200 tons, and it is expected to contribute more than <> million tons of crude oil per year during the peak period. (CCTV News Client)