Jinan, July 7 (Zhongxin.com) (Lu Yan) On July 10, in the Guotai Min'an Pet Food Industrial Park in Fan Town, Daiyue District, Tai'an City, Shandong Province, pet baking food is being continuously transported to the outsourcing room through the conveyor belt, and the robotic arm automatically packs the box. In the park, many enterprises such as Thai pet pet, Feifan pet, national pet pet and other enterprises have "accelerated the heating up" and sold pet baking food to all parts of China and overseas markets.

In the production workshop of Canojia Pet Food Co., Ltd., workers are operating automatic packaging machines to pack products. Heze Luxi New District Office Photo courtesy

"After producing the products that customers need, they are directly transported to the e-commerce cloud warehouse. Cloud warehouse 'one-piece dropshipping' realizes the integration of warehousing and distribution, saving customers storage, transportation and management time costs. Jiang Peng, deputy general manager of Taipet Pet Products Co., Ltd., said that with the help of the emerging industry model of "Internet + pet", the company has laid out e-commerce warehousing, e-commerce logistics and e-commerce operations, etc., and the output value is expected to reach 2,1 tons this year, and the sales will achieve 6 million yuan (RMB, the same below).

The above is just the epitome of Shandong's continuous expansion of the "pet economy" industrial track, the province focuses on improving a series of goods and services chain such as pet breeding, trading, food, medical treatment, beauty and funeral, nuggets "Internet + pets", set off a "gold attraction" boom.

In the production workshop of Jianojia Pet Food Co., Ltd. in Hezeluxi New District, workers are busy producing products. Hu Xiujie, general manager of the company, introduced that the company is engaged in the research and development and production of high-end pet food, and its products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Hu Xiujie revealed that the company's main business is the production and research and development of small pet food, dog food and cat food, and it is the first batch of enterprises in Shandong Province to obtain pet food export qualifications. At present, the annual output is 3,80 tons, helping more than 2020 surrounding people to find employment at their doorstep. Since 23, it has achieved an average annual rapid growth of 2022%, and achieved sales revenue of 1 million yuan in 6.

In the injection potting workshop of Weifang Fubang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the staff is carrying out the final sterilization small-volume injection potting operation. Photo courtesy of the Propaganda Department of the Anqiu Municipal Party Committee

Located in Chiping District, Liaocheng City, Haisen Hua Pet (Shandong) Pet Products Co., Ltd. seized the development opportunity of "pet economy" and processed and upgraded soybean residues to make tofu cat litter. Zhang Fuhai, the head of the company, said that the company is a trading company focusing on the production and export of pet cleaning products, mainly producing high-end plant cat litter, and the raw material is the bean dregs left after the oil mill soybean oil is pressed.

Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Russia... Looking at the overseas trade layout of the company's products, Zhang Fuhai could not hide his joy: "The orders in Southeast Asia have been scheduled for November this year, and next week I will go to Europe to discuss cooperation, the domestic production line is very busy, and the foreign market demand is also broad." ”

In addition to pet supplies and food, pet medical supplies are also popular with the public. In the injection potting workshop of Weifang Anqiu Fubang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the reporter saw that the staff was carrying out the final sterilization small-volume injection potting operation.

Cui Xinjiang, general manager of Fubon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., introduced that the products produced by the company cover more than 20 provinces in China, and some products are exported to Southeast Asia and African countries and regions. The company focuses on the safe use of drugs and less drugs in pet breeding, overcomes the technical difficulties of low yield of carotenoids produced by microbial fermentation, and achieves the expected goals of stable fermentation process and high carotenoid yield, of which astaxanthin content exceeds 2%, protein and oil content reaches more than 70%, reaching the international leading level.

With the continuous heating up of pet economic consumption, "pet grooming" has also developed rapidly. In a pet store in Dingtao District, Heze City, which has been operating for 5 years, the reporter saw that the shelves were full of a variety of pet supplies, litter boxes, feeders, cat food, pet clothes... From pet supplies to pet treats, medicines to toys. Customers who come to bathe and care for their pets send the "furry children" to wait in line early.

"With the enhancement of people's awareness of health care, customers have an increasing demand for preventive health care and daily care of pets, and pet stores also provide daily health care, partial care, medical treatment and other services for pets." The person in charge of a pet shop in Dingtao District said. It is understood that at present, there are 20 pet sales in Dingtao District, and 117 pet breeding, pet equipment sales and pet hospitals and other related industries have been derived, with more than 500 employees.

Pet groomers grooming pets. Photo courtesy of Dingtao District Rong Media Center

At a time when the "pet economy" has become a "new blue ocean", the Linqing lion cat, which has the reputation of "the fairy in the Chinese pastoral cat", has become an important choice that cannot be ignored when the "shovel officials" choose their pets with their super high appearance and mysterious pupils. "At present, there are more than 300 lion cats in our base, mainly for breeding and breeding, but the Linqing lion cat is famous, many people come to admire it, and even Hong Kong customers come to Linqing from thousands of miles to buy Linqing lion cats." Zhang Shiwei, who has been engaged in the breeding of Linqing lion cats for more than 20 years, told reporters.

Now, people can not only see the Linqing lion cat in zoos in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jinan and Qingdao, but also in Japan, Singapore and other countries. Talking about the next plan, Zhang Shiwei said that he will continue to put the preservation and breeding work in the first place, so that the breed of Linqing lion cat can grow and enter the public's vision. (End)