CCTV News (News Network): In the past few days, a large number of major new energy projects in China have been put into operation, providing more green electricity for alleviating the pressure of electricity consumption during the current peak summer period.

This photovoltaic power station will be connected to the grid during the peak summer period, which will improve the power supply capacity in North China. At the same time, in the Bohai Sea, one of China's five offshore wind power bases, another 50,10 kilowatts of offshore wind power has been added, and in the past 2 days of operation, the cumulative power generation has been about 305 million kWh. In Urumqi and Mulei, Xinjiang, and the three "Shage Wilderness" scenery bases in Delingha, Qinghai, 75.<> million kilowatts of wind power and photovoltaic installed capacity have been newly put into production, which can emit <>.<> billion kWh of green electricity every year.

In order to cope with the current high temperature and high power load, various places are improving the utilization efficiency of new energy such as wind power and photovoltaic through digital and intelligent scientific and technological means.

Jiangsu, a major offshore wind power province, has connected 40 offshore wind farms and 2783,3 wind turbines in the province to regional networking, and increased the utilization rate of wind resources by 10 percentage points through accurate prediction of wind power and flexible power dispatch, with an average annual generation of about 30 billion kWh. In the Zhangjiakou National New Energy Base, through the innovative promotion of the "new energy + energy storage + distributed condenser" model, the new energy power generation capacity has been increased by more than <>%.

According to data from the China Electricity Council, with the rapid development of new energy, the installed capacity of new energy power generation in the country is expected to increase by about 2023 million kilowatts in 2, and the installed scale of power generation will hit a record high, which will effectively ensure China's energy security supply.