The summer in June is full of the unique youthful atmosphere of the graduation season, and with the end of the high school entrance examination, the "summer file" tourism boom is also quietly coming. Young people meet up with friends, go to the mountains and seas together, and bid farewell to youth on the journey; Parents take their children and walk through famous mountains and rivers, visit cultural monuments, and pursue more meaningful holidays. At present, young people and parent-child families have become the largest group of tourists in the tourism market, in order to meet the needs of tourists, various scenic spots in various places have launched preferential measures such as ticket reductions, constantly "new" unique tourism products, personalized customization, theme study, outdoor sports and other new formats, new play highlights continue to make the summer tourism market more rich and exciting.

Summer market welcomes the boom Escaping the heat and cooling has become the biggest demand

"As soon as the college entrance examination ended, my son made an appointment with his classmates to watch the football game, and then our family was ready to go to the beach for a vacation to relax." Ms. Wang, a Guangzhou resident, told reporters that many students around her have travel plans, and after the busy preparation time, students take relaxation, leisure and vacation as the main considerations for choosing a destination.

Feel the breeze in the valley mountains and forests, indulge in the romantic starry sky on a rural vacation, and experience the original herdsman life in the horse grassland... In the hot summer, the summer heat and cooling have become the biggest demand of tourists, mountains, grasslands, seashores, and countryside have become popular leisure resorts, and indoor and outdoor water parks and floating, camping and other games have been opened one after another, allowing tourists to enjoy summer coolness between mountains and rivers. On the Mafengwo website, after entering June, the search content related to "domestic summer escape" increased by as much as 6%, and the average popularity of grasslands in various places increased by more than 150%. On the Qunar travel platform, starting at 100:6 on June 10, the search volume of "graduation trip" and "graduation group tour" rose sharply, jumping to the top five search terms; Seaside cities such as Xiamen, Qingdao, Haikou, Sanya, Weihai, Dalian and Qinhuangdao are popular and have become the best choice for graduation trips.

At the beginning of the holiday, the surrounding villages of the city welcomed a large number of parent-child tourists, who experienced the fun of the countryside through agricultural experience, intangible cultural heritage experience, and exploring nature. "Our homestay bookings have been growing rapidly since last month, and now 80% of bookings for the summer vacation, including the Dragon Boat Holiday." Qu Ying, a staff member at a homestay in the suburbs of Shanghai, said, "Most of the families who come to book come here to see the idyllic scenery of the countryside and relax." We also offer family packages that are more suitable for a family of three. ”

According to Tuniu's booking data, this year's summer parent-child and graduation tours ushered in the first wave of travel boom from June 6 to 11, the first week after the college entrance examination, and officially entered the peak of travel from the Dragon Boat Festival, with a high proportion of preschool children (17 years old and below) and college entrance examination students aged 6-18. After entering July, with the official arrival of summer vacation, 22% of the number of tourists traveled.

"The Dragon Boat Festival has continued the heat of the tourism market since this year, and the travel demand of primary and junior high school graduates has been greatly released, and the tide of student travel is coming. In terms of travel methods, for safety reasons, parents are more willing to accompany the trip, and book group tours or independent tours on mature routes through large travel agencies or online travel platforms. Cai Miao, head of Tuniu's East China product, told reporters.

In order to welcome the majority of student tourists, many scenic spots across the country have launched the discount of ticket reduction for high school entrance examination candidates, such as Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area, Shanghai Bay National Forest Park, Shenyang Forbidden City Scenic Area, etc. Wen Zhe, from the Affiliated Middle School of Qufu Normal University, made his own travel plan after learning about these offers: "I am a mountaineering enthusiast, and there are many destinations on this trip, from the Nishan Scenic Area in my hometown Qufu, to the Wuyue Scenic Area and Henan Laojun Scenic Area, this holiday will go to many places I once wanted to go." ”

Personalized gameplay is popular, and young customers shape the new atmosphere of tourism

"To read ten thousand books, you must also travel thousands of miles. Measure the steps and leave romantic memories that belong to youth. Chen Qianru, a senior at Shandong Normal University, chose Changbai Mountain as the first stop of her graduation trip, "Changbai Mountain in midsummer is cool, with blue lake, green forest, clear sky, and gorgeous flowers, which is a good place to escape the summer and relax." ”

For many students, the graduation trip is a commemoration and ceremony, as well as a record of youth. College graduates tend to prefer to design their own itineraries. Traveling to popular Internet celebrity tourist cities has become the way many graduates see the world - in Lijiang Old Town Folk Square, folk bands and singers open their performances at night, attracting many young people who love music; During the holidays, students "went into Zi to catch up with the barbecue" just to taste the barbecue that has been planted for a long time; Go to Chengdu to visit the top stream of panda "Huahua", to Chongqing to "check in" Hongya Cave and Liziba "Piercing Building" light rail, take a graduation trip photo in Changsha net red bus, and visit Xi'an Tang City that never sleeps in Hanfu... Theme parks, special food, history and humanities, music and art, outdoor sports, have all become the reasons why young people choose destinations.

Small-group customized graduation tours have also attracted a lot of attention. Recently, several Shenzhen students came to Yanzhou Island in Huizhou, Guangdong through customized travel programs, fishing, snorkeling, coastal hiking, beach games, bonfire parties and other activities paid more attention to outdoor experience, and also shortened the distance between friends. "We also customized graduation-themed cakes and luggage tags to create a beautiful memory of our youth." Graduate Wang Jingjing said.

In order to meet the needs of young people in pursuit of personalization, strong social networking, and in-depth cultural experience, Ctrip Travel recently launched the "Escort Tour" product, which is led by a host tour guide at the destination, visiting the beautiful scenery at different peaks, enjoying authentic culture and the tour guide's private collection of "dry goods", and organizing teams to exchange and share ice-breaking ideas, so that young people can gain friends during travel. For example, this summer's Tianshan Loop 10-day "escort" product in Xinjiang integrates the Serimu Lake Music Festival, setting up a light hiking experience in the Narati Secret Land Grassland, milking cows in the river valley grassland, hand-made naaning, visiting the homes of fellow villagers in Turpan, and learning Xinjiang dance with fellow villagers.

At the same time, more and more young people choose self-driving graduation tours. This summer, the number of rental car users aged 18-24 on Ctrip's platform increased by 52% year-on-year. The panda city of Chengdu, the coastal cities of Sanya and Haikou, Xinjiang with the Duku Highway, and Dali and Kunming who can "chase the wind" have become "scenic spots" for young people to graduate and travel by car.

The personalized travel needs of young people are being released, and the launch of various new summer tourism products provides diversified choices for the student body. "Young customers pay more attention to whether tourist destinations have an emotional connection with themselves, some tourist destinations have attracted a large number of young people through price advantages and warm care, and modern art and tourism integration projects, local folk customs and intangible cultural heritage projects represented by various music festivals have also attracted a large number of young tourists." Dai Bin, President of China Tourism Research Institute, said, "Young customers can encourage the tourism market to introduce new resources and develop new projects, thereby shaping the new atmosphere of tourism. ”

Study tours are prevalent Gain knowledge and experience while walking

"The first stop of our Nanjing tour was the Nanjing Museum, of which the Republic of China Museum was the most memorable, overlooking the building, the old buildings were antique and quite artistic." Li Jiani, a classmate of Ninghai Hailiang High School, wrote in her study notes.

During the summer vacation, study tours attract a lot of attention from students and parents. Nanjing, Beijing, Xi'an and other historical and cultural ancient capitals have welcomed a large number of study tours, in addition to cultural tourism, more close to nature, scientific exploration, rural tourism projects are also very popular.

Various research institutions and travel agencies have launched a variety of research theme itineraries to take children out of the classroom and into nature, and gain interesting knowledge and experience while walking. For example, New Oriental's study tour program relies on its own professional teacher resources to launch different types of study routes such as Tengger Desert Hiking, Xishuangbanna Outdoor Exploration, Crossing the Hexi Corridor, Aviation Science and Technology Exploration, and Capital Culture Research. "Our research program in Xi'an includes rich and interesting content such as costume sitcom performances, terracotta warriors and intangible cultural heritage crafts, etc., which will stimulate children's interest and creativity, integrate knowledge from multiple disciplines, and let students gain something through play." A mentor said.

In order to further stimulate the consumption potential of cultural tourism, Sichuan recently released a number of themed tourism routes such as "Summer Tour to Tianfu", and a number of study travel bases (camps) and study tour organizers have launched summer study tourism products such as summer camps and parent-child tours, including close to nature, following the ancient tour, red tourism and other themes. Located in Chengdu Xinjin Tianfu Agricultural Expo Park, the Agricultural Expo Cube Research Base has carried out a variety of activities such as land farming, trouble-free rooms, camping painting, and field playgrounds, which were quickly sold out as soon as they were launched. Wulingyuan, Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, launched the study travel season activities, and released the "Zhangjiajie Geomorphology" study travel product route and the art sketching product route with Zhangjiajie landscape as the element, including geological scientific expedition, forest scientific expedition, Zhangjiajie history and other modules, so that students can cultivate the ability to discover and solve problems in the process of investigation, experiment and design.

"Listening to explanations has become the 'standard' for viewing exhibitions, and the guests participating in cultural museum tours and group tours are also tending to be younger." According to Chen Juan, Tuniu's guide to the Niuren Line, young people will no longer be limited to taking photos or walking around to see flowers, but will listen to professional explanations with a curious attitude, explore the cultural connotation behind the exhibition, and learn knowledge, broaden their horizons, inspire their interest in exploration, and meet their spiritual needs.

"The research products on travel agencies and online travel platforms are mainly aimed at broadening horizons and inspiring interest in exploration, and the summer study tour products we launched this year have their own focus on literature and history learning, intangible cultural heritage handicrafts, and scientific experience." Cai Miao said.

"Many tourism enterprises have begun to turn to parent-child interaction, popular science research, nature education, scientific expeditions and other educational content segments, which has promoted the development of new business formats of cross-border integration of tourism and education." Liu Jun, Dean of the School of Tourism Management of South China Normal University, pointed out that how to deeply explore the rich elements of practical education value in the tourism scene, transform them into educational content experiences, and empower the high-quality development of the tourism industry, that is, give new tourism more educational significance, is a key issue commonly faced by the high-quality development of the tourism industry in the new era.

(Reporter Lu Yuanzhen, correspondent Sun Zhipu)

Preferential policies for admission to scenic spots in some areas


From June 6 to August 16, primary and secondary school students and college students across the country can enjoy free admission to state-owned A-level tourist attractions in Guizhou Province with valid certificates (excluding hot spring scenic spot tickets and concession projects in scenic spots).


Xi'an City Wall Scenic Area: From June 6 to August 9, all candidates who take the 8 national college entrance examination can enjoy free admission benefits with their admission ticket and ID card.


Zhonghuamen Night Tour: From June 6 to July 9, high school graduates with the 7 College Entrance Examination Admission Ticket can enter the park for free (night tour time is 31:2023-17:00).

(Compiled by Lu Yuanzhen and Sun Zhipu)