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Brochures from Rewe and other supermarket chains: tons of paper in the mailboxes

Photo: Lobeca / IMAGO

The supermarket chain Rewe has presented the last of its paper brochures. From Saturday on, the booklets with special offers and promotions will no longer be available in the mailbox or shop, the company announced together with the environmental protection association Nabu. The abandonment of the leaflets is mainly due to sustainability reasons.

By saying goodbye to the flyer, the company says it saves more than 73,000 tons of paper and 70,000 tons of CO₂ annually. For 80 years, Rewe has been distributing the brochures on a weekly basis, most recently there were about 25 million copies in Germany.

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While many consumers want to save money due to high inflation, the handout is an easy way to get quotes and compare prices. This could potentially lead to the loss of customers, said Rewe Group board member Peter Maly: "I think there is already a certain basic fear, and rightly so," said Maly. "But of course we also reach older customers through daily newspapers or the radio. I wouldn't underestimate the digital empowerment of the elderly population either."

In the future, customers will be reached via an app, WhatsApp or newsletter. "Due to the shortage in the hallways, where more and more is being banned from throwing in advertising, we have already been unable to reach many of them anyway," said Maly.