Guangxi Liuzhou automobile industry chain accelerates transformation and upgrading——

Competing for new energy and galloping on a new track (new economic orientation, clothing, food, housing and transportation to see transformation)

At the entrance of the Liuzhou Industrial Museum in Guangxi, a 150-ton double-acting automobile press stands majestically, and on Guizhong Avenue outside the museum, new energy vehicles flow endlessly.

Liuzhou's automobile industry has a long history of development, with four major automobile groups FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC and Sinotruk, with a strong industrial foundation, but it also once suffered the pressure of declining sales.

Today, Liuzhou's automobile industry has achieved a "counterattack" in market competition - in 2022, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in Liuzhou will reach 66,6 units, a year-on-year increase of 38%, accounting for about 1/10 of the national market share.

How can the traditional automotive industry form a new competitive advantage? How can the old industrial base accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading? A few days ago, the reporter approached the Liuzhou automobile industry chain to find out.

Leading enterprises——

Butterfly change in transformation

"Hard work and self-improvement", next to the gate of the Hexi base of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., 8 big characters shine brightly.

In 1958, the company's predecessor, Liuzhou Power Machinery Factory, was established, and for more than 60 years, Wuling insisted on self-improvement and resolutely transformed many times. "The market is always looking for better vehicles." Yao Zuoping, secretary of the party committee and deputy general manager of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., Ltd., said, "Competition continues to intensify, and if we do not emancipate our minds and transform and upgrade, sooner or later we will fall behind and hand over the market." ”

From the production of tractors, to the sale of mini commercial vehicles to the whole country, to the listing of the commercial and passenger Wuling Hongguang S... Relying on independent design, the introduction of professional tests, the establishment of index databases, and the accumulation bit by bit, Wuling's sales reached an all-time high of 2017.218 million units in <>.

However, after a wave of rapid growth, Wuling once again encountered a bottleneck in development: in 2018, sales declined, for the first time in 17 years.

What to do? You still have to transform! What's new in the market? What are the new needs of customers? After more than 20 investigations, Wuling decided to enter the new energy vehicle market.

Everything is new. "Unlike traditional fuel vehicles, which attach importance to engines and gearboxes, the key to new energy vehicles lies in the battery, electric drive, and electronic control 'three electrics'." Liu Changye, chief technology officer of control and software of Wuling Technology Center, explained that the production of new energy vehicles, electronic control, that is, core controller chips, is a difficult problem that must be solved.

How to break the game? Wuling's scientific and technological workers insist on taking the road of autonomy and localization.

Starting from scratch, in the brightly lit laboratory, technicians play against difficult points and race against time: without calibration tools, they develop independently; If there is no test environment, it will be built independently. "In the last thorough test, there was a significant gap between the experimental results and the target, and we checked and verified the algorithm one by one. With each software update, tens of thousands of acceleration data are entered into the controller one by one for rapid verification. After 18 hours of hard work, the problem was finally solved at 4 a.m., and the chassis key controller fully equipped with domestic chips was born. Liu Changye introduced.

Layer by layer analysis and simulation verification in massive data; 3-day locking scheme, 8-day locking function software, 14-day mass production of new controller production line products. "Every step is not easy." Yao Zuoping sighed, "The scientific and technological team has completed more than 500 kinds of domestic chips on each controller of the vehicle and replaced more than 4000 million domestic chips. Wuling Hongguang MINIEV family has successfully achieved a localization rate of more than 90% of loading chips, leading the industry level, with sales exceeding 2022,55 units in 4. ”

It has sold 2700 million cars and applied for more than 700 patents... Today's Wuling activates the huge endogenous power contained in traditional industries, opens up new fields and gallops on new tracks.

Supporting enterprises——

Evolve in innovation

Not far from Wuling Hexi Base across the Liujiang River, is the production workshop of Liuzhou Hangsheng Technology Co., Ltd., a supporting enterprise. Next to the automation manipulator, Wang Wenxiang, deputy general manager of Liuzhou Hangsheng, said: "Transformation and upgrading, we follow the industry to break through. ”

As a local auto parts company, Liuzhou Hangsheng has long been committed to the production of pointer instrument panels. When it was learned that Wuling was going to transform into the production of new energy vehicles, "the whole plant was stunned." Wang Wenxiang recalled, "New energy vehicle LCD displays, camera technology, etc. are all new fields. But there is demand downstream, and we have to change. "Gritting our teeth and upgrading, Liuzhou Hangsheng expanded its scale, expanded software developers threefold in two years, and successfully transformed into a specialized and special new enterprise entering the international market, and the production of car parking cameras was completely localized.

"If we don't transform, we expect to miss out on market opportunities." Wang Wenxiang rejoices, "Now our products are more and more favored by customers."

Like Liuzhou Hangsheng, driven by Wuling, 305 auto parts companies in Liuzhou have entered the new energy track by innovation. In order to promote the accelerated transformation and upgrading of auto parts enterprises, in 2020, Liuzhou issued an implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of the automotive industry, guiding and supporting the intelligent upgrading of parts and components enterprises, and promoting the coordinated development of parts and vehicles.

In the Guangxi New Energy Vehicle Laboratory in Liudong New District, an environmental cabin caught the attention of reporters: the sun outside the cabin was high, the cabin was only minus 20 degrees Celsius, and technicians were wearing cotton suits to test vehicle performance.

"Hot as Turpan, cold as Mohe, can be simulated in the cabin." Testing is no longer time, season and geography, and the development cycle is shortened by 3 to 6 months. Liu Changye introduced that as an autonomous region-level laboratory led by Wuling, Guangxi New Energy Vehicle Laboratory has established a research and development system of "applied basic research - industrialization common key technology development - achievement transfer and transformation", after the common technology research and development, it can be applied to the development and production of various parts of each model, and improve the overall technical equipment level of parts and components enterprises.

Industrial clusters——

Jump in the agglomeration

Less than 20 minutes drive from the laboratory, to Liuzhou Guoxuan Battery Co., Ltd. In the dust-free workshop, the laser cutting, ultrasonic welding, and automatic liquid injection technology of the battery cell production line are full of technology. Bai Huihui, deputy general manager of the company, introduced: "Last year, we provided battery packs for 14,<> vehicles for Wuling. ”

In 2020, Guoxuan Hi-Tech officially settled in Liuzhou. Why come to Liuzhou? Baihui will answer simply: "The system is complete and the supporting facilities are complete." ”

"The whole automotive industry chain enterprises have been attracted by the agglomeration effect formed by Liuzhou." Baihui will explain with a smile, "With industry leading enterprises and a good development ecology, our upstream enterprises are more assured!" ”

In order to promote the development of the new energy vehicle industry chain, the relevant departments of Liuzhou supplement the chain and extend the chain to strengthen the chain, give policies, the environment, and supporting facilities, and increase the confidence of enterprises in development.

In terms of policies, more than a dozen supporting measures have been introduced, such as the implementation plan for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles in Liuzhou City and the interim management measures for the construction of automobile charging infrastructure in Liuzhou City; In terms of technology, a national technology center led by Wuling was established to form a full-chain R&D system for micro-small electric vehicles; In terms of talents, Liuzhou Vocational College has carried out school-enterprise cooperation with 32 new energy vehicle industry chain enterprises, cultivating nearly 1,3 talents.

Plant the plane tree and have your own phoenix.

At present, Liuzhou has formed a relatively complete new energy vehicle industry chain, with 3 new energy vehicle production qualification enterprises, covering passenger cars, commercial vehicles and various special vehicles. In terms of battery systems, Penghui Energy, Ruipu Saike, etc. settled in; In terms of electric drive system, there are Wuling Liuji, Liuzhou Wanglin, CRRC Era; In terms of electronic control system, Wuling's first independent chassis key controller production line was completed and put into operation.

The relevant person in charge of Liuzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology introduced: "By 2025, the output value of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles in the city will reach more than 5000 billion yuan, and build itself into an international new energy vehicle industry highland with strong independent innovation, complete industrial system, outstanding openness and vitality, and important regional influence." (People's Daily reporter Zhang Yunhe)