Zhongxin Net, June 6 (Zhongxin Finance, Gong Hongyu) From large banks to city commercial banks, there are frequent changes in bank executives.

In the past week alone, a number of banks, including China Merchants Bank, Ping An Bank, Postal Savings Bank, Bank of Communications, etc., have successively announced senior management personnel adjustments.

These executives left

On the 14th, Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. announced that the company's chairman Ji Ying and director and vice president Guo Weidong will be reappointed as the company's supervisor due to the transfer of posts at an old age. Gu Xiaofei, chairman of the board of supervisors, will no longer serve as the company's chairman of the board of supervisors due to his age, and will be reappointed as the company's supervisor.

Zhangjiagang Bank announced on the 14th.

On the 13th of the day earlier, Jiangyin Bank issued an announcement that Sun Wei, chairman of the bank, resigned as executive director, chairman, chairman of the strategic development committee and member of the three rural financial services committee due to work transfers. On the 14th, according to the announcement of Zhangjiagang Bank, the board of directors of Zhangjiagang Bank has nominated Sun Wei as a candidate for the eighth board of directors. At present, Sun Wei is the secretary of the party committee of Zhangjiagang Bank.

Also on the 13th, China Merchants Bank issued an announcement that Xiong Liangjun, chairman of the bank's supervisory board, resigned due to age. China Merchants Bank said Xiong Liangjun has served as the chairman of the supervisory board of China Merchants Bank since August 2021.

China Merchants Bank announced on the 13th.

On June 6, Ping An Bank issued an announcement that former president Hu Yuefei resigned. The "veteran", who has worked for Ping An for decades, resigned as an executive director, a member of the board of directors' strategic development and consumer rights protection committee and president due to his age.

According to media reports, as of the 9th alone, 75 bank executives have left this year, of which none of the six major state-owned banks are absent, and a total of 18 executives have left, including 6 from Bank of China, 4 from Postal Savings Bank, 3 from Agricultural Bank, 2 from China Construction Bank, 2 from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and 1 from Bank of Communications. Before leaving, they held various positions such as chairman, vice president, employee supervisor, and chief risk officer.

Zhongxin Finance reviewed the resignation announcement and found that the main reasons for the departure of executives were age and job adjustments, and some executives had other appointments after leaving. In addition, under the storm of financial anti-corruption, there are still people who "fall off" after leaving office. For example, Liu Liange, former party secretary and chairman of the Bank of China, who was investigated for suspected serious violations of law and discipline.

A number of "new faces" have been filled

When the "wave of departures" of bank executives is surging, there are also a group of "new faces" who accelerate their positions and become the new generation at the helm.

According to the announcement of Ping An Bank, after Hu Yuefei's resignation, Ping An Bank intends to appoint Ji Guangheng as the bank's president. Ji Guangheng will also take over as party secretary of Ping An Bank. Like Hu Yuefei, Ji Guangheng is also a senior banker with rich experience in the industry.

Ping An Bank announcement.

On the 12th, two months after the former chairman left office, Zhongyuan Bank issued an announcement that it had obtained approval documents for the qualifications of Chairman Guo Hao. According to the approval, Guo Hao's qualifications as chairman of the bank have taken effect on June 6.

On the same day, Hengfeng Bank also officially welcomed a new chairman. According to the approval issued by the State Financial Regulatory Administration, the qualifications of Xin Shuren, executive director and chairman of Hengfeng Bank, have been approved.

On June 6, the Postal Savings Bank issued an announcement on the appointment of Vice President Niu Xinzhuang. According to the announcement, the State Financial Regulatory Administration has recently approved that Niu Xinzhuang has been appointed as the bank's vice president since June 9 this year.

On the same day, Bank of Communications issued an announcement that the State Financial Regulatory Administration approved He Zhaobin's qualifications to serve as the company's board secretary on June 6, and his appointment as board secretary, company secretary and authorized representative became effective from June 6.

On June 6, China Construction Bank disclosed that the regulator had approved the qualifications of Ji Zhihong and Cui Yong, and the two officially became executive directors of the bank.

Beijing Financial Street.

For the more frequent adjustment of banking executives, some insiders said that on the one hand, many bank executives retire at the age, on the other hand, with the transformation and development of banks, it is necessary to readjust the leadership positions in charge of the business. At the same time, timely replenishment of senior management personnel will help banks better carry out operations and serve the high-quality development of the real economy.

However, after the adjustment, there are currently several bank executive positions vacant. For example, the official website of Hengfeng Bank shows that the president and chairman of the board of supervisors of the bank are still vacant.