Baptiste Morin / Photo credits: Xose Bouzas / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 06:15, May 26, 2023

It is this Friday that the shareholders of TotalEnergies must vote on the increase in the salary of their boss, Patrick Pouyanné. The board of directors will propose a 10% increase in the CEO, his remuneration would then exceed the 10 million euro mark in 2023. However, this amount is not so huge for a CEO...

This figure will make some employees jump. The board of directors of TotalEnergies will propose this Friday a 10% increase in the CEO of the French oil giant, Patrick Pouyanné. His remuneration should then exceed 10 million euros in 2023, if shareholders vote favorably on this salary increase of their boss. If the government has called for "sobriety", this amount is far from scandalous compared to that of other great leaders.

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These leaders who touch more than Patrick Pouyanné

First, in France, the CEO of TotalEnergies is far from being the boss of the CAC 40 the best paid. For example, Carlos Tavares, head of the Stellantis automotive group, earned more than 2021 million euros. Bernard Charles, head of Dassault Systèmes, pocketed some 66 million euros. As for Daniel Julien, CEO of the call center group Teleperformance, he received nearly 44 million euros.

Then, Patrick Pouyanné is less well paid than his alter egos in the other major global oil groups. In 2022, the CEO of TotalEnergies received 7.3 million euros, less than Ben Van Beurden, the boss of Shell, who received 10.7 million euros, Bernard Looney at BP (11.2 million euros), Mike Wirth, the boss of Chevron (22 million euros) and even more than four times less than Darren Wood, the CEO of ExxonMobil (33.5) million euros. So there is not necessarily something to cry foul.