Yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily learned from Qunar, Fliggy and other platforms that it has received a notice from some airlines that from April 4 (ticket issuance date), the fuel surcharge collection standard for domestic flights will be reduced, which is the second time this year to reduce the fuel surcharge, which means that May Day has become cheaper to go out.

Qunar, Fliggy and other platforms have received notices from domestic airlines such as China Eastern Airlines and Shanghai Airlines that they will adjust the fuel surcharge collection standards for domestic flights from midnight on April 2023, 4 (ticket issuance date). The adjusted standard is for adult passengers: RMB 5 per passenger for flight segments below 800 km (inclusive), RMB 30 per passenger for flight segments over 800 km, a decrease of RMB 60 and RMB 10 respectively compared with before the adjustment.

After receiving the notice from the airline, Qunar platform has been launched as soon as possible, which is convenient for users to know. Guo Lechun, vice president of Qunar Big Data Research Institute, said that this is the second time since 2023 that fuel fees have been reduced, which for ordinary consumers, means that going out during the upcoming May Day holiday has become more affordable.

This year's May Day will usher in a five-day holiday. Although there is still a month to go before the May Day holiday, consumers' travel needs have been released in advance. "In the past month, the number of inquiries and bookings related to May Day travel has increased significantly." According to a person in charge of, among the popular destinations for domestic travel, Sanya, Dali, Lijiang, Chengdu, Xi'an, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Yili, Qingdao and other destinations ranked higher in the popularity of May Day travel. As of now, Yunnan and Hainan are still popular choices for May Day travel, and destinations such as Xinjiang, Tibet, Ningxia, Gansu and Qinghai are also expected to usher in a May Day travel boom.

The arrival of the May Day holiday will also further accelerate the recovery of the outbound travel market. Tuniu's May Day tour booking data as of March 3 accounted for 27% of outbound trips. Among them, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and the Maldives continued to maintain the position of the first echelon of popular destinations for outbound tourism during the May Day holiday. In addition, with the rapid recovery of international air capacity, bookings in the Middle East and Africa directions, such as the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt and South Africa, as well as in European directions such as Russia, Switzerland, France, and Italy, have also ushered in rapid growth.

Xiang Min, the person in charge of Fliggy tickets, said that the fuel fee reduction has further reduced the travel cost of passengers, and with the Qingming and May Day holidays approaching, everyone's travel and travel demand, especially the demand for long-term travel, is expected to accelerate. At present, Fliggy has cooperated with a number of airlines to launch more cost-effective first-hoard and then appointment-type ticket tickets, including Sichuan Airlines Tianfu Business Class Two-time Card and Changlong Airlines Trekking Card, which can further meet consumers' travel needs.