The price of dental implants has been comprehensively reduced, officially bidding farewell to the era of 10,000 yuan.

Xiao Li (pseudonym), a consumer in Shenzhen, shared that she recently spent 7000,8000-15000,<> yuan to implant a tooth in a public hospital in Shenzhen, while she spent nearly <>,<> yuan on planting one in the same hospital last year.

Behind the price change felt by end consumers is the gradual landing of the comprehensive cost reduction of dental implants. The cost of dental implants mainly includes implants, crowns and medical services. In order to comprehensively reduce the cost of dental implants, the state has implemented three parts of centralized procurement and control fees step by step: since 2022, the cost of medical services has been gradually standardized, and the results of centralized procurement of implants have also landed one after another. On March 3, the results of the proposed shortlisting of the crown bidding network were announced, and the price of the shortlisted products was as low as 20 yuan per piece. At this point, the state's comprehensive regulation of dental implant costs has basically come to an end.

After the implementation of the above measures, the overall cost of dental implants is expected to be reduced by 50%. From late March to mid-April, consumers will be able to enjoy the full price reduction of dental implant services.

According to the results of comprehensive cost management, under ideal circumstances (except for the above three parts of the cost and no other costs), after the crown bidding results are landed, the price of implanting a tooth is expected to be controlled at 5148 yuan to 7011 yuan.

Oral crown bidding net The average price of the products to be shortlisted is 327 yuan

On March 3, the Sichuan Provincial Pharmaceutical Equipment Bidding and Procurement Service Center released the results of the proposed shortlisting of oral crown bidding network. The auction is an all-ceramic crown product for single tooth implants, and the main material is zirconia, including white zirconium and color zirconium (including single color zirconium and layered color zirconium). 20 products from 107 companies are proposed to be shortlisted, and the price of the shortlisted products is between 767 yuan and 100 yuan, and the average price is 656 yuan.

According to the statistics of shell financial reporters, among the declared enterprises, Huizhou Kunpeng Denture Co., Ltd. intends to shortlist the most products, reaching 23. Shenzhen Zibaihe Denture Technology Co., Ltd., Chengdu Shunya Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Fulong Digital Tooth Technology Co., Ltd. have 20, 19 and 18 products to be shortlisted respectively.

Among the products to be shortlisted, the raw materials are mainly from 29 companies, and most of the crowns using imported materials are relatively more expensive, among which, the crowns provided by 3M German are relatively the highest quotation, and the quotations of related products exceed 600 yuan. Some crown products supplied by Aidite (Qinhuangdao) Technology Co., Ltd., Kuraray Zewu Dental Co., Ltd., Liaoning Airtron Biomaterials Co., Ltd., South Korea Demex Co., Ltd., Tianjin Yougu Lizhong Technology Co., Ltd. and other enterprises supply materials, and the quotation is less than 200 yuan.

According to the notice previously issued by the Sichuan Provincial Medical Security Bureau, all public medical institutions in Sichuan Province that carry out oral implant services should participate in this auction, and private medical institutions designated by medical insurance should participate in accordance with the requirements of the management of the designated agreement, and other medical institutions are encouraged to take the initiative to participate.

In the future, the results of this auction will affect the national dental implant market. On March 3, the Office of the National Health Insurance Administration issued the Notice on Centralized Procurement and Price Management of Pharmaceuticals in 1, requiring that the Sichuan Medical Insurance Bureau take the lead in launching the crown auction listing, and other provinces will follow up in a timely manner to link Sichuan's crown listing price.

The comprehensive fee reduction will be implemented by mid-April at the latest, and the cost of dental implants is expected to be reduced by 4%

On March 3, Liu Yue (pseudonym), who had a tooth implanted in a private hospital in 21, told the Beijing News shell financial reporter that the information board on the wall of the hospital where her dental implant was displayed marked with the price of the product, and during the dental implant process, she paid three fees according to the doctor's oral fee standard, a total of 2020,15820 yuan.

Behind Liu Yue's experience is the long-term opaque fee for dental implants and the difficulty of comprehensive management. Due to the complexity of dental implant surgery, it is often carried out in multiple stages, and private medical institutions occupy the main body of the oral medical market, and problems such as opaque charges and difficult to standardize fees have long existed in the market. Affected by many factors, it is not easy to reduce the cost of dental implants, and the centralized procurement of dental implants was once called "the most difficult centralized procurement in history".

In order to comprehensively reduce the cost of dental implants, the state has played a set of "combination punches". Deng Zhidong, general manager of Hainan Boao Medical Technology Co., Ltd., introduced to Shell Financial Reporter that the state has taken systematic measures to reduce the cost of dental implants through overall consideration and planning, and the main idea is to split billing for dental consumables and medical technology services, and accurately reduce prices; Overall planning, comprehensive policy, special supervision, overall price control; The three major parts of implants, crowns and medical services are implemented step by step and advance in an orderly manner.

Among them, in September 2022, the National Health Insurance Administration proposed in the Notice on Carrying out Special Governance of Oral Implant Medical Service Charges and Consumables Prices that at present, third-level public medical institutions have completed the whole process of implantation, and the overall price of medical services is generally higher than 9,4500 yuan per tablet, targeted measures should be taken to introduce to a new range of no more than 4500,<> yuan per capsule as a whole, and the regulatory targets of public medical institutions below the third level should be reduced accordingly with reference to the local policy of graded pricing of medical services.

On January 1 this year, the centralized procurement of oral implant systems was opened in Sichuan. 11,1 private medical institutions actively participated in this collective procurement, accounting for 4% of the total number of medical institutions. The average winning price of the products to be selected dropped to more than 80 yuan, an average decrease of 900% compared with the median purchase price before centralized procurement.

The person in charge of the joint procurement office of the interprovincial alliance of oral implants once said in an interview that through the above treatment measures, it is expected that the overall cost of implanting a tooth (including medical services, implants and crowns) is expected to be reduced by about 50%.

After the crown auction listing results landed, Beijing News Shell Finance estimated with a service fee of 4500 yuan / piece, referring to the product quotation range of implant collective procurement and crown bidding listing, under ideal circumstances, the price of implanting a tooth is 5148 yuan to 7011 yuan.

The above-mentioned person in charge also pointed out that it is expected that the results of this implant collection and the price of the crown hanging net after the auction will be implemented in various provinces from late March to mid-April 2023, when the price of oral implant medical services in various places will also be adjusted in place, and patients will fully enjoy the dental implant service after the price reduction.

After the comprehensive price reduction, the market penetration rate is expected to increase, and market demand may be released quickly

Behind the comprehensive price reduction of dental implants, how is the capital market performing?

A-share listed companies Tongce Medical and Zhenghai Biotechnology, and Hong Kong listed Modern Dental are all dental implant concept stocks. Among them, Tongce Medical focuses on oral medical services, while Modern Dental is mainly engaged in the production and distribution of denture equipment. Zhenghai Bio's oral prosthetic membrane is mainly used in the field of dental implants, and bone restoration materials are mainly used for filling and restoring dental and jaw defects (or insufficient bone mass).

After the results of the oral crown auction were announced, the stock prices of all three companies fell slightly on March 3 and turned up again on March 20. As of the close of trading on March 3, the stock price of Tongce Medical was 21.3 yuan, up 21.134%; Zhenghai Biotech's stock price was 56.2 yuan, up 39.48%; Modern Dental shares were trading at HK$81.1, up 77.2%.

What supported the rapid recovery of the above companies' share prices? Deng Zhidong told Shell Financial Reporter that for companies and medical institutions with dental implants as their main business, the comprehensive price reduction of dental implants will have a certain positive impact on performance. While margins for individual products or dental implants will decline, market demand and sales will continue to increase, and overall revenue from medical services will increase accordingly.

After the comprehensive price reduction, the market penetration rate of dental implants will be further improved. Zheshang Securities said in the research report that the cost of tens of thousands of yuan / person / piece at every turn restricts the increase in the popularity of dental implants, after the landing of centralized procurement in 2023, the average reduction of implants will be 55%, and the cost of dental implants will drop from about 2,4 yuan (high-end) to 0,6-0,9 yuan, a decrease of up to 63%, and the rapid popularization of high-consumption items, the demand for dental implants will be quickly released.

Relevant companies also believe that the business volume of dental implants will increase in 2023. In October 2022, when interviewing investor research, Tongce Medical said that there are many patients who consult dental implants, and 10 will be the peak period for dental implants.

Beijing News shell financial reporter Ding Shuang