All efforts to "strive for the economy" are inseparable from "guaranteed workers".

In the first working week after the festival, various places ushered in the window period of job recruitment and production guarantee, and a new round of "fighting for talents" kicked off ahead of schedule.

  In order to encourage migrant workers to return to work as soon as possible, a certain place in Zhejiang distributed "hardware coupons" worth 10 million yuan to migrant workers who returned to work before the specified date for several consecutive days.

On the first day of distribution, Tian, ​​a migrant worker from Hunan, received a "golden coupon" worth 59,800 yuan and took away an electric car.

  In Shenzhen, Guangdong, the local government clearly stated that for enterprises (excluding labor dispatch units) with more than 500 original employees returning to work outside the city before February 5, a one-time return transportation subsidy will be issued according to the standard of 200 yuan per person. A maximum of 400,000 yuan for each enterprise.

  According to incomplete statistics, many coastal provinces, including Guangdong, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu, have launched the "snatching people" model, planning to recruit workers across provinces and places, and taking multiple measures to ensure that returnees return to work in a timely manner. Help enterprises achieve a "good start".

  After the festival, "labor shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting workers" occur every year, and this year seems to be particularly prominent.

Behind this, there are not only the increase in labor demand brought about by the adjustment and optimization of the epidemic policy, but also the factors that the negative population growth has led to the weakening of the labor dividend.

According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, by the end of 2022, the country's working-age population aged 16 to 59 will be approximately 875.56 million, a decrease of 6.66 million from 2021.

  Of course, with the accelerated transfer of industries from coastal areas to inland provinces, the economy in the central and western regions has maintained rapid growth, more jobs and smaller income gaps have made more and more migrant workers willing to stay at their doorsteps for employment, especially It is the in-depth implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in recent years. Some young people who have skills and ideas have taken the initiative to seek change, or become professional farmers, or become entrepreneurs. change.

  Objectively speaking, as a complex economic phenomenon, the "labor shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting workers" have their rationale, but they also reveal the current structural mismatch between manpower supply and industrial demand in my country.

In fact, "labor shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting workers" are not just short-term phenomena during the Spring Festival. Unique to the region, a growing number of Midwest regions are also feeling the imminence of this trend.

  Taking the manufacturing industry as an example, as one of the main industries to attract migrant workers, it has encountered an unprecedented severe employment situation in recent years. The problem of hollowing out industrial workers has become increasingly prominent. Even if you recruit people, you can't keep them, and the high labor cost has even become an obstacle to the transformation and upgrading of many manufacturing companies.

  To solve the current problems of "employment shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting workers", we need to work together to build a long-term mechanism for full employment.

Human resources and social security departments should build an accurate and efficient employment supply and demand docking platform, use big data and other means to provide docking services for labor and labor companies, and strive to promote the dynamic balance of the job market; employers should face the reality that the demographic dividend will continue to weaken in the future, and take precautions in advance Layout, especially manufacturing enterprises, should further speed up the intelligent and digital transformation, gradually replace traditional manpower with machines, and reduce dependence on manual labor; Unlock your potential.

  From a longer-term perspective, to solve the problems of "employment shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting workers", we need to work hard to do a good job in the big article of urbanization.

China's urbanization is centered on people. In a sense, the "labor shortage" and "difficulty in recruiting workers" reflect the fact that migrant workers have not been able to truly integrate into urban life during the long-term urbanization process.

If social security cannot cover the bottom line, and the equalization of basic public services cannot cover more groups, then the "worries" of the vast number of migrant workers cannot be truly relieved, and the phenomenon of "employment shortage" cannot be completely eliminated.

In other words, for a huge economic system like China, only by making full use of the engine of urbanization and maintaining the continuity and stability of employment can the stable operation of the economy and society be achieved at a relatively low cost.

(Gu Yang source: Economic Daily)