The Tokyo stock market and the Nikkei Stock Average on the 30th, the beginning of the week, showed slight price movements.

▽The closing price of the Nikkei Stock Average on the 30th was 27,433.40 yen, which is 50.84 yen higher than the closing price of last weekend.

▽The Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 0.26 to 1982.40

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Pay attention to the content of the US Fed chairman's "rate hike" remarks

In the morning's trading, concerns over the slowdown in the U.S. economy have receded somewhat, and the issuance of visas to Japanese visitors to China has been resumed. Did.

However, in the afternoon, speculation that the BOJ would make further adjustments to its monetary policy increased in response to the recommendations to the BOJ and the government released by the Reiwa Rincho.

As a result, the appreciation of the yen progressed and there were sell orders for export-related stocks, etc., and the trading on the 30th ended with a small price movement.

This week, we will be announcing economic indicators and corporate earnings, but first, let's look at the US central bank's meeting to decide monetary policy starting on the 31st.

It will be interesting to see what Fed Chairman Powell thinks about raising interest rates.