Ophélie Artaud 3:52 p.m., January 22, 2023

The price of the American fast-food chain's famous burger varies from city to city, and even from restaurant to restaurant, despite having identical ingredients.

Across the country, the cheapest hamburger costs €4.45, while the most expensive reaches €6.90.

And in your municipality, how much does the famous Big Mac cost?

No, the price of the famous Big Mac is not the same in all McDonald's in France.

Depending on the restaurant, it can range from €4.45 to €6.90, with an average price of €5.40.

The newspaper

Le Parisien

published this Saturday a "Big Mac Index", in which the media lists the price of the Big Mac in all McDonald's in metropolitan France.

A price set freely by each restaurant

If this information may seem anecdotal, at the global level, the magazine

The Economist

has been producing its "Big mac index" since 1986.

This is an index that compares the cost of living in different countries around the world thanks to the McDonald's hamburger.

If this product was chosen, it is because its composition is the same everywhere in the four corners of the globe.

The index set up by

Le Parisien 

does not allow such conclusions to be drawn, in particular because the price varies from one restaurant to another, even if they are in the same city.

The reason: each of the 1,500 McDonald's located in France can freely set its prices, depending on its size or location.

So where is the cheapest (and most expensive) Big Mac in the country?

While the ingredients used are identical, the cheapest burger costs €4.45 and is sold in McDonald's in Vincennes, Val-de-Marne.

As for the most expensive, it is in Dijon and costs €6.90.

More generally, it is in Île-de-France that you can eat the cheapest Big Macs, and in Burgundy or New Aquitaine that you find the most expensive.

The cheapest Big Mac in France is in Vincennes

In Paris, it costs between €4.60 and €6.70, while in Lyon, the same hamburger varies from €4.85 to €5.70.

In Marseille, the price of the Big Mac is on average €5 in all the restaurants.

It's a few tens of cents less than in Lille, where it costs around €5.30 in the chain's various fast-food restaurants, or in Nice, with an average price of €5.58.

Because the famous burger has not been spared by inflation, even if McDonald's France assures the


that "everything is done to continue to offer our customers attractive and accessible prices despite this exceptional context".

As for the world level, it is in Switzerland that the Big Mac costs the most, according to

The Economist