JR East announced that it will introduce a service that allows you to use the station using a QR code displayed on a smartphone instead of a ticket from 2024.

According to the announcement, JR East will introduce a service that allows you to display tickets purchased online with a QR code on your smartphone and pass through the ticket gate.

First of all, we are currently planning to introduce the service mainly in areas where transportation IC cards cannot be used, and we plan to start the service in the Tohoku area from the second half of 2024, two years later.

In the future, we plan to make it available on all JR East lines, including the Shinkansen.

The company says that the introduction of this service will reduce the cost of issuing tickets, reduce troubles such as ticket clogging in the ticket gate, and reduce the burden of maintenance.

Yuji Fukasawa, president of JR East, said, "Although we will continue to expand the area where transportation IC cards can be used, it is difficult to expand to all stations at the moment, so we will respond to contactless needs by supporting QR codes. In the future. Ultimately, we aim to eliminate tickets."