The KOSPI continued to weaken for the third day today (the 25th) and retreated to 2,740 during the day.

As of 9:42 a.m., the KOSPI stood at 2,749.26, down 42.74 points (1.53%) from the previous day.

The KOSPI, which gave up 2,800 points for the first time in 13 months the previous day, fell 5.59 points (0.20%), starting at 2,786.41, increasing the decline.

In the stock market, foreigners and institutions net sold 255.4 billion won and 23.3 billion won, respectively, bringing down the index.

On the other hand, individuals are net buying 217.9 billion won.

On the 24th (local time), the New York Stock Exchange plunged midday amid fears about austerity by the Federal Reserve and rising geopolitical risks from Ukraine, then rebounded sharply at the end of a roller coaster market.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 3.25% around lunchtime, then rebounded in the afternoon, up 0.29% to close at 34,364.50.

The Standard & Poor's (S&P) 500 Index, which plunged 3.99% during the day, also rose 0.28%.

The Nasdaq, which focuses on tech stocks, rose 0.63% on the backlash after a 4.90% plunge.

Samsung Electronics (-1.20%), SK Hynix (-0.42%), Naver (-0.61%), Samsung Biologics (-1.36%), LG Chem (-2.68%), Samsung SDI (-2.64%), Hyundai Motor Company (-2.64%) -1.52%), Kakao (-0.22%), and Kia (-1.52%), all of the top 10 stocks by market capitalization are on a downward trend.

By industry, most of them fell, including finance (-1.80%), chemicals (-1.78%), banking (-1.70%), pharmaceuticals (-1.35%), and non-metallic minerals (-1.33%).

At the same time, the KOSDAQ index fell 8.43 points (0.92%) to 906.97 from the previous day.

The index turned downward after opening at 920.95, up 5.55 points (0.61%) from the battlefield.