On April 18th, Douyin and Xinhua News Agency will invite five city governors from Huanggang City, Jingzhou City, Jingmen City, Shiyan City and Enshi Prefecture of Hubei Province to broadcast live together to introduce the situation of local resumption of production to netizens throughout the country and recommend Local specialty products. Xinhua News Agency host and star Yang Kun will also interact with Mayor Lian Mai in the live chat room of Xinhua News Agency's "quicklook" at 18:30 that day to help Hubei restart.

  The live broadcast of the five cities, cities and prefectures in Hubei was co-organized by Douyin's "Recovery Program for Aid to Hubei" and the Xinhua News Agency's national brand project "Buying Hubei Goods Action." In the live event, more than ten Hubei specialty products such as Jingzhou crayfish, Enshi Yulu tea, Jingmen wax chicken, Huanggang changxiangsi rice, and Shiyanfang County rice wine will be promoted to drive local enterprises to resume production and increase farmers' income.

  Poor dishes, village beard brother, ginger seventeen, fairy yeast, citron cici sauce, Xiaoguan teacher with salt man, tea emperor and other well-known vibrato creators will also interact with 5 city governors Lian Mai to promote Hubei characteristics together product.

  Deng Yingjun, deputy mayor of Jingzhou City, said: "The fertile Jianghan Plain has made Jingzhou an agricultural city. Jingzhou is the first city to produce crayfish in China. There are rice field shrimps and deep sugar shrimps. , One out of every three comes from Jingzhou. Jingzhou also has delicious beef, Honghu lotus root, Jingzhou fish cakes and other delicious dishes. You are welcome to place orders in the live broadcast room. "

  It is understood that in order to help Hubei's economic recovery, Douyin launched the "Hubei restarting Shao to help-Douyin aid Hubei recovery plan." As of April 16, Wuhan City Deputy Mayor Li Qiang and Yichang City Deputy Mayor Zhou Zhengying successively participated in the "Mayor Takes You to See Hubei" live broadcast event, and thousands of vibrato creators also broadcast live or short The video helped promote Hubei's special products. At present, the event has sold 980,000 pieces of Hubei specialty products and sales amounted to 50 million yuan.

  In early April, the Xinhua News Agency's national brand project launched the "Buy Hubei Goods" action to help Hubei's economy recover quickly, let the people of the whole country experience the feelings of Hubei and experience the taste of Hubei, and received enthusiastic responses from Hubei businesses and all walks of life. Since the launch of the "Buy Hubei Goods" initiative, the overall online turnover has increased by 106% over the same period in 2019. In addition, the "Buy Hubei Goods Action" also promised to sell 100,000 tons of Hubei crayfish worth about 6 billion yuan.