client March 3 (Zhang Xu) According to the news from Wuhan Transportation Bureau on the 3rd, during the epidemic prevention and control period, Haro did not go through the licensing formalities to the public security traffic control department, nor did it go to the municipal transportation department Recording procedures, illegally put 1,000 motorcycles in Wuhan, Qingshan, East Lake High-tech, Jiangxia, Zhuankou and other areas. On March 2, Wuhan Transportation Bureau interviewed the person in charge of Harbin ’s trip to Wuhan, and issued a Notice of Order for Rectification, asking the company to immediately terminate the illegal delivery behavior, and before 17:00 on March 3, The returned motorcycles will be cleared by themselves and rectified within the time limit. If it is not cleared within the time limit, the Municipal Transportation Bureau will cooperate with the Municipal Public Security Traffic Management Bureau to clean up illegally placed vehicles and impose administrative penalties in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.