A charter, initiated by the Sista collective, was signed Thursday by more than 50 French investment funds. The goal: to have more confidence in start-ups founded by women.

Women are always so wrong in the world of business. Those who set up start-ups have 30% less chance of raising funds from major investors than men. Yet these same start-ups founded by women earn 2.5 times more to their investors than male start-ups. To fight against these inequalities, the Sista collective, founded by women entrepreneurs and investors, drafted a charter in partnership with the National Council of Digital. More than 50 investment funds signed this charter on Thursday evening in Bercy, in the presence of Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State for Equality between Women and Men and Cédric O, Secretary of State for Digital.

"More often taken for a hostess than for an entrepreneur"

"I have been surprised that I am a woman and for example that we ask questions at my merchant bank rather than me," says Céline Lazorthes, founder of the company of kittens in Leetchi line. "Except that I'm the entrepreneur, and at events, I was more often taken for a hostess than for an entrepreneur."

Céline Lazorthes quickly realized that to grow her start-up, she would have much more difficulties than if she had been a man. And these brakes, she notes for years as many women entrepreneurs. "They were always reminded of their status as women, their status as mothers," she continues. "And these are things that are not taken into account when a businessman comes to see an investment fund.We do not ask him if he will have children, we do not ask him how he manages his life This is unfortunately things that are asked as women's questions and so there is a real difference. " It is for all these reasons that she founded the Sista collective with several other women entrepreneurs.

Measure the gender portion of the investment fund portfolio

With the signing of this charter, the rules of the game are now different. Investment funds are committed to measuring concretely the place of gender in their portfolios, that is, how many women they fund. Second measure: that more women integrate these essentially male investment funds. Lastly, evaluations at the time of fundraising will be completely reviewed. No more questions about family life or motherhood for women entrepreneurs. The goal set is ambitious: to reach 25% of French start-ups financed in 2025 founded or co-founded by women. This figure is currently 5%, according to Sista and BCG.