Iglo wants to introduce the so-called Nutri score for its products ranging from fish fingers to spinach, which summarizes the overall nutritional quality of the food in a five-level color gamut from A to E on the packaging. But there is a dispute over labeling in the food industry - the frozen food manufacturer has now left the relevant industry association.

His withdrawal from the association Iglo linked with fierce criticism of the Association of the German food industry BLL (Federation of Food Law and Food Science). He lacks a strategic focus on the challenges of the industry, and he neglects the needs of medium-sized members, it said in a company statement. He remains in the past and operates symbolic politics instead of an active European creative will.

BLL has its own food labeling

The Nutri score is established in France and Belgium and is also spreading in other European countries.

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Nutri score comparison test: So different are the foods rated

Most recently, however, the regional court of Hamburg had provisionally stopped the labeling of Iglo packaging with the Nutri score by way of a preliminary injunction in April. Food Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU) also held back a positive assessment of the Nutri score - she plans a less clear labeling.

In Germany, alongside Iglo, Danone and Bofrost and other smaller companies have begun labeling their products with the Nutri score. However, other food companies have positioned themselves against the Nutri score. The BLL has published and recommended its own food labeling system.