737 MAX Crash: Boeing Announces Modification of Important Software

In the turmoil since the crash in Ethiopia, Boeing is said to be about to finalize & nbsp; & raquo; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & rdquo; a major correction on his 737 MAX aircraft.

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An Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8 at Toronto International Airport on March 13, 2019. REUTERS / Chris Helgren / File Photo

In the turmoil since the plane crash in Ethiopia, Boeing says he is about to " finalize " a major correction on his 737 MAX aircraft.

With our correspondent in the United States, Grégoire Pourtier

It is the flight stabilization system (MCAS), supposed to avoid a "stall of the plane", which was reviewed. Pending the final conclusions of the investigations, this software was implicated in last week's accident , but also in that of Lion Air, end of October 2018. Criticized for the management of the crisis, the American aircraft manufacturer must to provide guarantees as soon as possible to improve its image.

We wonder about the MCAS

Designed specifically for 737 MAX aircraft , is the MCAS responsible for the two recent crashes? The software is in any case the center of criticism, while it was supposed to provide a solution for new gear, bigger and heavier.

It is even its certification by the FAA, the regulator of American air transport, which is today questionable, some experts denouncing a report of analysis done in a hurry and riddled with error.

Redefining a tarnished image

Can the problems be solved? The FAA has required swift changes by April. The fixes are supposed to be simple to install and pilot training on this system will also be reviewed.

Pending the final conclusions of the investigation, which points out similarities between the accidents of Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines , Boeing will in any case have to whip to restore its image.

$ 25 billion lost on the stock market

Because, if the American company has lost nearly 25 billion dollars in market capitalization for a week, it is especially his image that took a hit. Late in reacting, she finally saw all her 737 MAX jets forcefully grounded day after day , in the world and finally in the United States.

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