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Norway's hammer throw star Eivind Henriksen

Photo: Joel Marklund / Bildbyran / IMAGO

Norway's hammer throw star Eivind Henriksen was injured in a bizarre household accident and now has to worry about his goals for the season.

“I slipped on ice while taking out the trash on the porch door and landed on my left knee.

Absolutely fantastic...", the 33-year-old Olympic silver medalist from Tokyo told Norwegian radio.

One day after the crash, Henriksen set off for a training camp in Australia, but is now largely doomed to inactivity there.

“I tried to throw, but it hurt terribly,” said Henriksen, whose knee was diagnosed with bursitis.

It is still unclear how long he will have to take a break on the way to the European Championships at the beginning of June and the Olympic Games in Paris at the beginning of August.

“I hope that it happens quickly so that there is at least enough time until the Olympics,” said Henriksen.

Henriksen won silver at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

In 2022 he won bronze at the World Championships in Eugene and at the European Championships in Munich.