The international skateboarding and park competition, which is the subject of selection for the Paris Olympics, was held in the United Arab Emirates, and in the women's semifinals, Tokyo Olympics silver medalist Kai Shinna came in 3rd place. Three people advanced to the finals.

Skateboarding representatives at the Paris Olympics, where two events, street and park, will be held will be determined by a world ranking based on points earned at participating international competitions, and one of these, the park competition, will be held in Dubai, UAE. It was opened.

Park is an event in which participants skate for 45 seconds on a mortar-shaped course to compete on the difficulty and composition of their techniques.In the semifinals held on the 2nd, participants competed for the highest score out of three runs.

On the women's side, 15-year-old Kai, who is ranked number one in the world, performed one technique after another using the edge of the course, which is her specialty, and scored 85.90 on both her first and third runs, making her one of the top Japanese athletes. I placed 3rd and advanced to the top 8 finals.

In addition, 13-year-old Mizuho Hasegawa, who came in second at last year's Japan Championships, landed a high air from a speedy slide and finished in fifth place, as did Tokyo Olympic gold medalist Sakura Yosozumi. I placed 6th and advanced to the finals on the 3rd.

Other Japanese players include Mei Sugawara, who was eliminated in 9th place, and Hina Kusaki, who is ranked 2nd in the world, withdrew from the semi-finals due to injury.