Shohei Otani of the Major League Baseball Dodgers played his second exhibition game, and in his second at-bat, he hit the lead off with a timely hit and scored an RBI in his second consecutive game.

On the 1st, Otani started the exhibition game against the Guardians in Glendale, Arizona as the No. 2 designated hitter, just as he did in the previous game.

In his first at-bat, after a full count, he spotted the sixth breaking ball and got on base with a four-ball.

During the camp, Otani focused on base running practice.He took a large lead and pretended to aim for the next base.When faced with a check, he quickly extended his right arm and returned to base.He underwent surgery last year. There was no sign of him shielding his elbow.

In his second at-bat of the third inning, with a one-out chance to get second base, he faced pitcher Tyler Beedy, who was the Giants' opening pitcher last season and signed a minor league contract with the Guardians this season.

Then, he hooked the sixth pitch from a full count, a 152km/h fastball with a high inside angle, but the ball bounced off in front of second and passed in front of right field, resulting in a timely hit that gave him the lead.

In the 5th inning, in his third at-bat, he had another chance with two outs and second base, but he chose the second walk of the game and was sent as a pinch runner to be substituted.

Otani stood at bat in the third inning of this game and had one hit, one RBI, and two walks, making it his second consecutive game to score an RBI following his two-run homer in the previous game.