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Gastronomy, leisure... Every weekend at 6:50 a.m., Olivier Poels and Vanessa Zha present a product, a producer and all the good tips for re(discovering) a region.

Walk in Valmorel

Vanessa for those who are on the road to the mountains, you have decided to take us to Valmorel

In the large Valmorel domain, we will gain altitude and much more than you think: we are heading into the highest Nordic domain in France.

In Nâves, just above Valmorel.

And this Nordic site is totally atypical, at an altitude of 1300.

It's an immersion in a white, immaculate mountain, without any facilities.

And this is where the highest Nordic ski slope is located at an altitude of 2000 m.

The area has 49km of skating and alternative trails.

So for those who love silence, nature, but also ski touring and snowshoeing, this is for you.

And stay sleeping in the immaculate white, I imagine that's not possible?

Well all you have to do is ask.

Imagine that a new track allows you to reach a refuge...the Nant du Beurre refuge at 2100 m.

You can simply go up there to enjoy a tartiflette or a mountain omelette.

And so even spend the night there.

This site is just magnificent.

You are in the Beaufortin massif.

You have a view of the other massifs: Lauzière, Cheval noir, Vanoise, further away, Meije, Ecrins...And just the sunsets over the Lauzière are crazy.

The soul of this shelter is Pascale and the guardian, her Hanka, her dog.

Pascale can accommodate up to 38 people.

The ideal place to cut yourself off from the world.

That sounds good to me… one last height shot perhaps?

and with a good dose of adrenaline!

Does this tempt you all?


Will you sit next to each other, skis behind your back…and you will launch yourself onto the largest double zip line in France….

between 70 and 100 km/h, over 1.4 km, at a height of 150 m and a difference in altitude of 250 m.

On the other hand, you will have to keep your eyes open: the view is breathtaking: 180° over Mont Blanc, Crève tête and the Nielard!

And that’s in Vamorel with Magic Aventure.


  • Accommodation in Vamorel

  • The Nant du Beurre refuge:

  • The double zip line in Valmorel, Magic adventure


The kiwi is a fruit of a vine of Chinese origin which was first used as an ornamental plant, then as a remedy against fever.

In the 19th century, it was widely planted in New Zealand where it was first called "Chinese gooseberry", then kiwi in the 1950s, named after a local bird.

In France, the Kiwi arrived in 1904, first in Nice.

Its antiscorbutic virtues (high vitamin C content) are highlighted, and the development of its cultivation begins in the 1960s. Today, the Adour region is the main place of production which benefits from an IGP. since 2002, it has also benefited from a red label and there are around 350 kiwi growers.


Scallop and kiwi tartare

- 12 beautiful scallops

- 1 kiwi

- Nuts oil

- Lime

- Soya sauce

- Pepper

Cut the scallops and kiwi into small cubes.

Season at the last moment with a tablespoon of oil, a dash of lemon, soy sauce and pepper.