Gracenote, an organization under Nielsen, a world-renowned market monitoring and data analysis company, recently announced its predictions for the virtual medal list of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Predictions show that Chinese athletes will win 37 gold medals at the Paris Olympics, mainly from diving, shooting, swimming, weightlifting, table tennis and other events.

In terms of the total number of gold medals, it is estimated that China will tie the United States, also tied for first place with 37 gold medals.

  China is expected to win 37 gold, 26 silver and 22 bronze

  The virtual medal list is a statistical model based on individual and team results from previous Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups. It is used to predict the events and number of gold, silver and bronze medals that each national and regional sports delegation is most likely to win.

The recently released virtual medal list combines the performance data of major sports events around the world and on all continents since the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to predict the medal distribution of national and regional sports delegations participating in the Paris Olympics.

  The virtual medal list shows that the Chinese sports delegation will win 85 medals, including 37 gold medals, 26 silver medals, and 22 bronze medals.

Compared with last November, it was predicted that the Chinese sports delegation would win 78 medals, including 35 gold medals, 25 silver medals and 18 bronze medals.

The increase in medals between the two, especially gold medals, is mainly based on the increase in medal data from the Doha World Swimming Championships in February.

Even though the Chinese team did not send all its main players to participate, it still became the biggest winner with 23 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

Among them, all eight Olympic gold medals in diving belong to the Chinese team.

China won 7 golds, 3 silvers and 1 bronze in swimming. 19-year-old Pan Zhanle won 4 golds and broke the men's 100-meter freestyle world record in the relay.

In terms of synchronized swimming, the Chinese team created the best record in history with 7 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze, especially winning all five Olympic-related team and women's doubles events.

  With the two additional gold medals, the Chinese sports delegation will tie the U.S. sports delegation. Both delegations are predicted to win 37 gold medals in Paris.

In terms of the number of silver and bronze medals, the United States is expected to be slightly better, with 37 silver medals and 47 bronze medals, with a total of 121 medals, ranking first in the virtual medal list.

  Host effect helps France achieve great results

  The British sports delegation is expected to rank third in the Paris Olympic medal list, with 16 golds, 24 silvers and 25 bronzes, for a total of 65 medals.

In fourth place is the Japanese sports delegation, the host of the last Olympic Games, which is expected to win 15 golds, 17 silvers, and 21 bronzes, for a total of 53 medals.

As for the French sports delegation, the host country of the Paris Olympics, it ranked fifth in the medal list with 27 golds, 14 silvers, and 11 bronzes, for a total of 52 medals.

In fact, judging from the total number of gold medals, France is predicted to enter the top three in the gold medal list.

  The Chinese sports delegation won 38 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 19 bronze medals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The virtual medal list shows that compared with three years ago, the sports in which Chinese athletes have the best chance of winning medals in Paris remain unchanged, and are still diving, shooting, swimming, weightlifting, table tennis, badminton and other traditional strengths.

Precisely because Chinese athletes currently rank among the top three in the world in as many as 21 events, the Chinese sports delegation is predicted to have a chance to hit the United States' first place in the gold medal list at the Paris Olympics.

  The U.S. sports team won 39 golds, 41 silvers, and 33 bronzes at the Tokyo Olympics, for a total of 113 medals.

The total number of medals won by American athletes in the Paris Olympics is expected to be 8 more than that in Tokyo. These medals mainly come from 26 events, of which track and field and swimming are the key events. Whether they can maintain the first place in the medal list and gold medal list depends on this The performance of both items.

  At the Tokyo Olympics, the Japanese sports delegation broke into the top three in the medal list in a record-breaking manner, winning 27 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 17 bronze medals.

The virtual medal table shows that Japanese athletes have five fewer medals in Paris than in Tokyo.

Although the total amount is roughly the same, the number of gold medals has dropped sharply, from 27 in Tokyo to 15 in Paris.

Contrary to the Japanese sports delegation, the French sports delegation, which will compete as the host in Paris in July, will win 17 more gold medals than it did in Tokyo three years ago.

At the Tokyo Olympics, French athletes won 10 gold medals, 12 silver medals and 11 bronze medals.

France is expected to win Olympic medals in 23 events, eight more than in previous years.

The host effect will help France achieve its best Olympic performance this summer since 1900.

  Yang Min, all-media reporter at Guangzhou Daily