China News Service, March 1. According to the website of the Chinese Football Association, on March 1, in order to further strengthen the construction of the referee management system and mechanism, improve and streamline referee management, training, selection and evaluation and other work processes, crack down on and prevent "fake football" To create a clean and upright football environment and improve the credibility of Chinese football, the Chinese Football Association has formulated and announced several measures to strengthen and improve the fair execution of football referees.

It will be implemented from the date of release and will be subject to social supervision.

Strengthen and improve the construction of the Dispute Committee and Referee Department, and adjust the referee management rights of men's third-level professional leagues

  Establish a more scientific and reasonable referee management system, implement the "dual construction model" of the Chinese Football Association Referee Committee and Referee Department, and fully transfer the referee management rights of the men's third-level professional league to the Referee Department for unified exercise.

The Disarmament Committee and the Referee Department are respectively responsible for business and management work, forming a benign mechanism of mutual cooperation and mutual supervision to avoid a high concentration of power.

Revise and improve the "Chinese Football Association Referee Management Work Manual"

  The Chinese Football Association has revised the "Chinese Football Association Referee Management Work Manual". The management manual will clarify and guide all types of referee work at all levels in various aspects such as referee management, integrity and self-discipline, registration, training, selection, evaluation and assessment.

Formulate and implement a promotion and relegation plan for men's third-level professional league referees

  In order to establish a competition and incentive mechanism, improve the supervision, assessment and evaluation system, and implement survival of the fittest, the Chinese Football Association has formulated and implemented a promotion and relegation plan for men's third-level professional league referees, which will be promoted and demoted according to a ratio of 3-5%.

The promotion and demotion of referees is based on the performance of referees in leagues, FA Cup and other competitions, focusing on the assessment of refereeing ability, theory, physical fitness and compliance with referee work disciplines. The promotion and demotion list is determined according to the ranking, and competition for posts and dynamic promotions are carried out.

Implement the requirements of the "Overall Plan for the Reform and Development of Chinese Football" and comprehensively strengthen referee training

  Comprehensively strengthen the training of referees in the new season and improve the level of officiating.

In the new season, referee penalty standards will be in line with international standards, encourage reasonable confrontation and increase the net time of the game, strictly deal with players' unsportsmanlike behavior, crack down on court violence, etc., safeguard good game style and discipline, and effectively maintain the authority of referees on the spot. sex.

Optimize the selection process, establish a social supervisor system, and strengthen supervision and supervision of the selection work

  Improve the referee selection process and establish a referee selection working group for important events such as the men's third-level professional league.

Strengthen the supervision and supervision of the fairness of selection, establish a social supervisor system, invite credible third-party representatives to participate in the selection of important events, and supervise the selection work.

Improve the evaluation and review and invite authoritative experts from the international refereeing community to participate in the review

  Improve the evaluation system and process of the Disarmament Committee, streamline the composition of the evaluation team of the Disarmament Committee, and conduct full-process supervision of the evaluation process.

Strengthen the authority and professionalism of referee evaluations, and invite authoritative experts in the international referee field to participate in evaluations, training and other work.

Strengthen the construction of the style of refereeing and strictly prevent and combat unhealthy trends in the industry

  (1) Establish a referee "blacklist" system to include referees whose abnormal performance in refereeing has serious consequences or who are suspected of violating regulations and disciplines into the "blacklist".

Serious cases will be submitted to relevant departments for joint investigation and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.

  (2) Establish an internal reporting platform for society and the refereeing community, and submit abnormal situations in the game and other clues suspected of referee violations and disciplines to relevant departments for investigation and processing.

  (3) Strengthen the supervision and supervision of excessive reception of referees and other violations of regulations and disciplines in competition areas. Relevant departments of the Chinese Football Association will set up a joint working group to conduct supervision through irregular spot inspections and other methods.

  (4) The Chinese Football Association signs a "Guarantee of Integrity and Self-Discipline" with all referees and issues a "Procedure for Referees to Handle Violations" to each referee, so that all referees clearly understand what will happen if they encounter various violations. Handling and reporting methods.

Increase social supervision, announce to the public the results of reviews on disputed penalties, and respond to social concerns in a timely manner

  Increase social supervision of referee issues and cooperate with competition authorities at all levels to establish reasonable channels for clubs to supervise and appeal disputes over referee disputes.

At the same time, disciplinary penalties will be intensified for clubs and related personnel who do not report their demands through normal channels.

The Chinese Football Association will organize professional reviews and feedback the results to the clubs and the refereeing community.

For controversial decisions involving high social repercussions and high attention, the official platform of the association will be used to announce the authoritative review results to the public, in order to achieve the effect of supporting referees to make correct penalties, popularizing referee rules, and effectively warning and restraining referees from inappropriate penalties.