Pitcher Naoyuki Uesawa, who has a minor league contract with the Major League Rays, pitched in an exhibition game on the 29th, but pitched 2 innings and allowed 7 runs, leaving a problem for promotion to the Major League.

On the 29th, pitcher Uesawa, who is aiming for promotion from a minor league contract to the major leagues, pitched in his first actual game in Port Charlotte, Florida, an exhibition game against the Braves.

Pitcher Uesawa took the mound from the 3rd inning, but after being hit repeatedly and scoring 3 points, he was hit with a high fastball to left field and allowed a 3-run home run, giving up 6 points in the inning.

He took the mound four times, but Ozuna, who had 40 home runs last season, hit a solo home run to left-center field.He pitched two innings, had eight hits, including two home runs, and gave up seven runs, leaving him with problems. I did.

Pitcher Uezawa said, ``I was a little nervous and strained, and the ball wasn't what I expected.Honestly, I feel like there are a lot of things that I have to deal with.I need to think about the timing to throw a high straight ball.'' We were talking.

Regarding the marriage of Shohei Otani, who was his teammate in the Nippon-Ham professional baseball team, he congratulated him by saying, ``I was surprised. I think Shohei will have a stronger sense of responsibility from now on, and I'm also happy that my friend got married.'' .