China News Service, Shanghai, March 1 (Reporter Bian Liqun) The new season of the Chinese Super League kicked off on March 1.

At a media briefing on the evening of February 29, Xu Jiren, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, said that in the new season, he will resolutely crack down on football corruption and fake gambling, and implement systems such as the referee promotion and relegation plan and the "blacklist".

  On-site ventilation meeting.

Set up referee blacklist system

  It is understood that in the new season of professional league work, preventing and punishing football corruption and "fake gambling" will be the top priority.

Strengthening and improving referee work has become an important starting point for creating a clean and upright football environment and improving the credibility of Chinese football.

  Xu Jiren, vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, said that in the new season, a referee promotion and demotion system will be implemented. "Based on the performance of referees' match duties, the focus will be on assessment of refereeing ability, theory, physical fitness and compliance with referee work disciplines, etc., and promotion and demotion will be determined according to rankings." Level list, competition for positions, dynamic promotion and promotion.”

  It is worth mentioning that before the start of the new season, three Chinese Super League referees have been demoted, including one as the head referee and two as assistant referees.

  Data map: Photo by Tomita of the Chinese Super League in the 2023 season

  At the same time, the Chinese Football Association has set up a referee "blacklist" system to include referees whose abnormal performance in refereeing has serious consequences and who are suspected of violating regulations and disciplines into the "blacklist".

Serious cases will be submitted to relevant departments for joint investigation and dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.

  The Chinese Football Association has also set up an internal reporting platform for the public and the referee community, and strengthened the supervision and supervision of excessive reception of referees and other violations of regulations and disciplines in the competition area, and adopted irregular spot checks and other methods for supervision.

  Data map: Photo by Han Haidan at the opening ceremony of the 2023 Chinese Super League

Disclosure of disputed penalty review results

  In addition to the construction of the referee management mechanism, the Chinese Football Association will also disclose the results of disputes and penalties to the public.

For some major disputes and penalties, the Chinese Football Association has hired authoritative experts from the international refereeing community to participate in evaluation, training and other work.

  Not only that, the Chinese Super League in the new season allows clubs to appeal controversial penalties.

Xu Jiren said that although this move will increase a lot of costs, it must be paid in order to give the league a clean environment.

  The Chinese Football Association will also protect the authority and credibility of referees and make public some correct decisions that have caused controversy.

  "The rules change every year. Some referees have studied the latest rules, but outsiders think the penalty is wrong. Through this mechanism, it is actually a popularization of the rules." Xu Jiren said.

  On-site ventilation meeting.

The new national football team is about to set sail

  At the briefing meeting, the Chinese Football Association also introduced the work of the national team that has attracted much attention recently.

  New national football coach Ivankovic officially took office on February 24.

According to reports, the Chinese Football Association is relatively cautious in the process of selecting coaches. For this purpose, it has established an expert group and a technical committee, gathering outstanding domestic coaches and experts, and repeatedly inspected the coaches through multiple procedures, and finally reached a relatively consistent opinion.

  The Chinese Football Association stated that the new national football team led by Ivankovic will start training in Shenzhen on March 11 to prepare for the World Cup preliminaries away game against Singapore on March 21. This will be the first training session led by Ivankovic.

  Data map: National football team in the Asian Cup.

Image source: Visual China

  On March 18, the national football team will go to Singapore to play a game, and plans to return to Tianjin on March 22 to prepare for the home game against the Singapore team on March 26.

  There is no doubt that the next task that the national football team must complete is to rush into the top 18 of the Asian preliminaries of the World Cup.

In this regard, Ivankovic's contract also clarifies the staged performance requirements-if the requirements are not met, the Chinese Football Association has the right to terminate the contract.

  The Chinese women's football team, which currently has no coaching positions, is about to start selecting coaches.

The Chinese Football Association plans to issue a global selection notice in early March, and will subsequently determine the new coach through interviews and comprehensive evaluations.