A pep rally was held for sport climber Aya Mori, who has been selected to represent the Paris Olympics, and she expressed her enthusiasm for the future, saying, ``I want to work harder and convey the appeal of climbing as much as possible through my climbs.''

Mori, a 20-year-old university student, became the first Japanese female athlete to win a gold medal in women's lead at the world championships last August, and also won a bronze medal in women's boulder and lead, an Olympic event, and will represent her at the Paris Games. I have made an offer.

On the 29th, a pep rally for Mori was held in Tokyo by sponsoring companies, and Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Akiyo Noguchi, who is also from Ibaraki Prefecture and whom Mori respects, made an appearance.

A talk session was held at the pep rally, and in response to a participant's question, ``What was the most difficult part of competing?'', Mori mentioned practicing climbing, ``I hate losing, so if I fall off a wall, it won't be painful. , I don't want to fall, so I hold on to it all the time. That's what I love about climbing, pushing myself to my limits."

When Mr. Noguchi gave him a surprise gift of massage equipment to care for his arms, he was all smiles.

At the end, Mori greeted the participants by saying, ``I want to work harder, let people who aren't involved in climbing see my climbs, and convey the charm of climbing even a little bit.'' to a big round of applause.