Orix, which aims to win four consecutive Pacific League titles in professional baseball and become the best in Japan for the first time in two years, held a camp in Miyazaki, and manager Satoshi Nakajima said, ``I think each player has improved their level.The team is in good condition and I'm looking forward to the season.'' '' he summed up.

Orix's training camp was held in Miyazaki City from the 2nd of this month, and a practice match against Seibu was scheduled for the final day, the 29th, but it was canceled due to rain.

The players trained at the indoor practice range before 10am.

Pitcher Daiya Miyagi, who was scheduled to start in the game, threw 45 pitches including fastballs and breaking balls during actual batting practice, checking the feel of the breaking balls and the batter's reaction to the balls.

Finally, Kotaro Kurebayashi wrapped up the event and kicked off the camp, which lasted about a month.

Coach Nakajima said, ``During the period, the weather was not very good and it was quite tough, but I think each player improved their level as they were able to perform a certain number of tasks. I think we'll see results when the season starts,'' he said, looking satisfied as he summarized the results.

Orix will play the first open game at Kyocera Dome Osaka from the 3rd of next month, and will then continue to make adjustments through actual matches in preparation for the opening match against Softbank on the 29th of next month.