Amid the growing problem of voyeurism in the sports world, Takasaki Health and Welfare Otakasaki High School in Gunma will be participating in the Senbatsu High School Baseball Tournament held at Koshien Stadium in March for the second consecutive year. Because of the continued damage from being filmed, I decided to wear shorts instead of a skirt for this tournament.

In the sports world, athletes are being photographed secretly at competition venues, and their photos and videos are being shared on social media, which is a major problem.

Kendai Takasaki High School will be participating in the Senbatsu High School Baseball Tournament, which will begin on March 18th at Koshien Stadium for the second consecutive year and seventh time, and there have been cases of cheerleaders being photographed in the Alps seats at tournaments they have participated in up until last year. There was no end to it.

Specifically, it was confirmed that students were being filmed posing as reporters or using hidden smartphones, and although teachers warned each time they did so, they were unable to take appropriate action.

For this reason, we have decided to stop wearing skirts for this tournament and instead wear shorts with the same design as the players' uniforms.

Teacher Kohei Shiozawa, who is in charge of cheering on club activities, said, ``While some students wanted to cheer in traditional uniforms, this was a difficult decision to make with safety in mind.Secret filming can cause lifelong emotional scars for students. "I definitely want them to stop doing it because it's annoying."

Measures to prevent athletes from being photographed

Acts such as secretly photographing sexual parts are subject to criminal punishment under the ``photography crime'' that came into effect in July last year, and the sports world is also calling on visitors to take measures to prevent athletes from being secretly photographed at competition venues. It has been done.

Among these events, at the national university track and field tournament held in Kumagaya City, Saitama Prefecture in September last year, the Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters worked with the Japan Student Track and Field Federation to notify the organizer of any suspected hidden filming. , ▽We handed out flyers to visitors asking for their cooperation in presenting photography permits.

Prior to this, in 2020, seven organizations, including the JOC (Japan Olympic Committee) and the Japan Sports Association, released a joint statement aimed at eradicating the damage, and set up a reporting window on the JOC website to provide information to the police. Measures have been taken to provide

On the other hand, in recent years, some high schools have begun to have their cheerleaders wear shorts instead of skirts, similar to what Kendai Takasaki did this time, in the Alps seats of Koshien Stadium, where high school baseball games are held, and this can be called a "self-defense measure." Along with these measures, it is expected that in the future there will be calls for drastic measures at cheering seats.