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The actual Greta Richioud


Arne Mill / frontalvision.com / IMAGO

The world cycling association UCI has banned a team boss for attempted fraud.

In order to reach the required number of five starters in the small Belgian Argenta Classic race in July 2023, the head of the Cynisca Cycling racing team sent a mechanic disguised as a driver to register.

The fraud was exposed, team boss Danny Van Haute, who no longer works for Cynisca, was banned until the end of 2025, and the mechanic was banned from working until September of this year.

The racing team has to pay a fine, the four other drivers received a warning.

According to Van Haute, the US team only arrived with four riders due to illness; according to the regulations there should have been five.

So Van Haute instructed mechanic Moira Barrett to go to the registration dressed as the missing driver Greta Richioud and wearing a face mask.

But the fraud attempt failed.