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Sofia Benfares

Photo: Axel Kohring / Beautiful Sports / IMAGO

The case of German runner Sara Benfares, who was banned for doping, is getting a new chapter.

It has now been announced that her sister Sofia Benfares has also tested positive.

The National Anti-Doping Agency NADA confirmed this to the Saarländischer Rundfunk SR and the “Saarbrücker Zeitung”.

Traces of the performance-enhancing drug Epo were found in her blood sample.

The Benfares sisters' club, LC Rehlingen, then temporarily suspended Sofia Benfares, he told the SR.

The 19-year-old made people sit up and take notice last year by winning a bronze medal at the U20 European Championships.

In 2019, the Benfares sisters joined LC Rehlingen in Saarland, but they train independently of the club under the aegis of their father Samir Benfares in Fontainebleau near Paris.

The positive result for 22-year-old Sara Benfares became public three weeks ago.

In her A sample, Epo and testosterone were also found in the blood.

Her father justified this by saying that his daughter had been given testosterone in connection with the treatment of cancer.

However, experts have doubted whether testosterone is used as part of cancer therapy.

Sara Benfares is considered one of the great talents in the middle and long distance range.

In 2022 she won the German championship title over ten kilometers on the road.