China News Service, Sanming, February 28th (Lei Chaoliang and Wu Huozhao) Raise the gun, aim, shoot... From February 24th to 29th, the 2024 National Shooting Championship (UFO Project) and the National UFO Shooting Team Paris The final Olympic team trials (the first game) were held at the Kaiyuan Shooting Training Base in Qingliu County, Sanming City, Fujian Province.

A total of 288 clay pigeon shooting athletes from 21 participating teams from all over the country competed here, and a total of 5 champions in 4 individual events and 1 mixed event were decided.

The competition was held at the Kaiyuan Shooting Training Base in Qingliu County.

Photo by Wu Huozhao

  Qingliu County is located in the western part of Fujian Province and is a national eco-tourism county.

As a professional shooting competition, clay pigeon shooting has very strict requirements for the competition venue. Appropriate locations and facilities need to be selected to ensure the smooth progress of the competition and the safety of participants.

Why did such a national-level shooting competition settle in Qingliu, Fujian?

  Qingliu Kaiyuan Shooting Training Base is located in the south industrial park of Qingliu County. The reporter saw here that supporting facilities such as shooting ranges and lounges are available. The entire training base appears vibrant among the rolling green mountains.

The picture shows athletes at the competition site.

Photo by Wu Huozhao

  Relevant staff from the Qingliu County Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau introduced that the local area has taken advantage of the industrial advantages of the Qingliu Airgun Factory to build 6 sets of fully imported international standard flying saucer shooting ranges, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges for air rifles and air pistols, etc., as well as supporting reception centers, conference centers, athlete dormitories, Canteen etc.

After the shooting training range is put into use, it can accommodate about 500 athletes for training and about 200 people for confrontation shooting training.

  Meng Long, the chief referee of the final team selection competition of the Paris Olympics for the National Skeet Shooting Team, came to Qingliu for the first time.

He said that the surrounding scenery of the shooting range is beautiful, the air is fresh, the venue and supporting facilities are complete, and the service and technical support personnel are in place. It is worth recommending.

  Since February 2023, Qingliu County has hosted various national-level flying saucer shooting competitions for many times, attracting more than 600 participants.

Bai Yiting, leader of the Fujian UFO team, led a total of 90 athletes and coaches to Qingliu for a 100-day winter training last November.

Bai Yiting said that Qingliu Shooting Training Base has complete guarantees for all aspects of athlete training and will greatly promote the development of flying saucer projects in the province.

  The final team selection competition of the National UFO Shooting Team at the Paris Olympics is the epitome of Qingliu County’s cultural tourism industry entering a new stage of development.

In recent years, Qingliu County has accurately grasped strategic opportunities for the integrated development of culture, sports and tourism, made full use of location conditions, resource endowments, and socioeconomic conditions, and organized various industrial integration models that are tailored to local conditions, such as the Cherry Blossom Run, the Jiulong Lake Cycling Race, and the Red Tourism Village Run. , launching the "One Heart, Two Wings and Three Lines" cultural tourism features with Tianfang Yuetan Hot Spring Resort as the core, promoting the development of the entire cultural, tourism and wellness industry, and launching the "Tai Chi Water City·Yiyang Qingliu" cultural tourism and wellness brand.