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It is these moments of success and happiness that make up for the many hardships.

Charles Caudrelier wins the Arkea Ultim Challenge – a race around the world for multihulls.

Caudrelier's winning time: 50 days, 19 hours and 17 minutes at sea for around 53,700 kilometers.

The arrival at the port of Brest in Brittany is like a triumphal journey for the Frenchman.

His participation was in jeopardy.

Charles Caudrelier, circumnavigator:

»I almost couldn't start.

I don't want to hide that from you.

Just two weeks before the start I couldn't leave.

I had a personal problem that prevented me from doing this, but we found a solution.

I realized what was important to me in the world, and when it started, I was very motivated.« 

It was Caudrelier's first single-handed circumnavigation.

He had to overcome some obstacles: First, a hole in the front fairing slowed him down.

At Cape Horn he had to slow down to avoid a huge storm.

Charles Caudrelier, circumnavigator:

»I had a certain confidence: we had met all the criteria, the ship was very reliable and worked very well, and I was ready.

And it went well.

We needed success and we got it.

I think it was well deserved.


Even though he clearly missed the record set by his compatriot Francois Gabart, who only needed 42 days to complete the route in optimal weather conditions in 2017, Caudrelier can celebrate what is probably the greatest success of his career.

And not just for him, but also a big birthday afterwards.

On February 26th he turned 50 - alone, at sea.