Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto of the Major League Baseball Dodgers pitched in an exhibition game for the first time, and got off to a good start with no runs in the second inning and three strikeouts.

Pitcher Yamamoto, who is in his first year in the Major Leagues, made his first starting pitching in an exhibition game on the 28th in a game against the Rangers in Surprise, Arizona.

The Rangers were the team that won the World Series last season, and in the first inning, pitcher Yamamoto played against Simien, the No. 1 player who hit 29 home runs and 100 RBIs last season, and threw a fastball of 154km/h, the fastest pitch of the day. I got a strikeout in the air.

The next batter, No. 2, was hit in front of center field, but the No. 3 batter was grounded out into a double play to keep the inning scoreless.

In the second inning, he played against three left-handed batters, and struck out the first batter, No. 4, with a split, then struck out the No. 5 batter with a left fly ball, and again struck out the No. 6 batter with a split, and got off the mound in this inning. Ta.

Pitcher Yamamoto pitched two innings in his first appearance in an exhibition game, allowing one hit and three strikeouts, giving up no runs.

He pitched 19 pitches, 16 of which were strikes and showed off his characteristic control.

Dodgers player Shohei Otani, who hit a home run in the opening game on the 28th, did not participate in this game, but even though the game was being played at the opponent's camp, he watched pitcher Yamamoto's first pitch from the bench and got off the mound. There was also a scene where pitcher Yamamoto and the pitching coach talked together.

Pitcher Yamamoto is attracting attention as to whether he will make his first appearance in the major leagues in the opening series against the Padres, which will be held in Seoul, South Korea, on March 20th and 21st, and he has gotten off to a good start.

Otani's next appearance will be against the Guardians on the 2nd, Japan time.

Shohei Otani of the Major League Baseball Dodgers, who played in an exhibition game for the first time the day before and hit a home run, made adjustments by sprinting instead of going on the field.

His next appearance is expected to be against the Guardians on the 1st (Japan time), the 2nd (Japan time).

On the 27th, Otani participated in his first open game since transferring to the Dodgers and hit a home run.The next day, on the 28th, he made adjustments at a training camp in Glendale, Arizona.

On this day, I didn't go to the field, but instead ran repeatedly on the grass outside while applying stress with a wire attached to my waist.

In an interview before practice, Dodgers manager Roberts said about Ohtani's future schedule, ``He will take actual batting practice on the 29th and will be back in the lineup on March 1st.'' He is expected to participate in the match against the Guardians, which will be held on the 2nd.

Yoshinobu Yamamoto: “He pitched calmly and with a good tempo.”

Pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto said in an interview after the game, ``He was calm and pitched at a good tempo.It was my first time pitching to a batter from a different team, so I'm glad I was able to pitch safely.I was also able to throw the breaking ball with a good feel, so that's the good part. I think it was a lot," he said, looking back with an approving expression.

Regarding the batting lineup of last season's world champions, he said, ``I was conscious of pitching in a calm manner,'' adding, ``I wasn't throwing exactly where I was aiming, so it's a small detail, but I'm making adjustments for the season.'' I want to do that.I think that as the number of innings increases, there will be issues with my body and pitching, so if I can improve even more, I think I'll have a good start.''He calmly listed his future challenges.

Regarding pitching in a Dodgers uniform for the first time, he said, ``Coming from Japan was a big change, so I was relieved to be able to pitch in the first game, and I'm determined to keep working hard.'' .

Regarding returning to the mound after getting a three-out in the second inning, he said with a wry smile, ``I thought it was a three-out, but something in the atmosphere was different, so I thought, ``Maybe I made a mistake'' and went back.'' was.

He also exchanged words with Otani, who had come to watch the game, after he pitched, and he told him, ``That was pretty good,'' and he said with a smile, ``I didn't expect him to come, so I'm grateful.'' Ta.