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Updated Wednesday, February 28, 2024-08:52

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A laptop and two memory keys with sensitive information about part of the security plans for the

Paris 2024 Olympic Games

were stolen last Monday on a train, the BFM channel reported last night.

This is the security device of the city council, which plans to deploy 2,000 agents, most of them municipal police, during the Games, which will take place from July 26 to August 11.

However, the

main part of the security apparatus

for the Games, which includes the deployment of tens of thousands of national police, gendarmes and military personnel, was not included in the stolen material.

A municipal employee reported on Monday afternoon that the material had been stolen from the overhead compartment of his seat on a commuter train.

The man, an engineer, found that the bag with the material was missing when he arrived at the

North station

and got up to change trains to his home on the outskirts.

The information adds that investigators are analyzing images from the station's security cameras to try to advance the investigations.

The security of the Olympic event is possibly the main headache for the French authorities and the organization of the Games, especially the new

opening ceremony

, which will consist of a parade of boats through the waters of the Seine and with several hundred thousand of spectators.