China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 27 (Reporter Xing Rui and Xing Chong) On the evening of the 27th, the closing ceremony of the 14th National Winter Games (referred to as "14th Winter") was held at the Hulunbuir Grand Theater in Inner Mongolia.

  For the first time, provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities participated in this Winter Games. More than 3,000 athletes from 35 delegations gathered at the venue. A total of 26 delegations won gold medals and 30 delegations won medals. The number of participating delegations and gold medals Medal coverage has been significantly improved.

Many delegations, including the host Inner Mongolia delegation, achieved the best results in history.

  The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region delegation and the Macao Special Administrative Region delegation showed their style at the country's highest level ice and snow competition venue.

The Hong Kong Youth Men's Hockey Team won two consecutive group matches and finished fifth. Macau athletes also improved their self-level in the figure skating arena.

  The closing ceremony that night consisted of a closing ceremony and cultural and sports performances.

Each participating delegation enters the venue in order.

Gao Zhidan, Director of the General Administration of Sport of China, delivered a closing speech and announced the closing ceremony.

The main torch of the Winter Games is slowly extinguished, the "14th Winter" has come to a successful end, and the National Winter Games has officially entered "Liaoning time".

  The 15th National Winter Games will be held in Liaoning Province in 2028.

Like Inner Mongolia, Liaoning is hosting the National Winter Games for the first time.

The performance at the venue of the "15th Winter" took "Winter Rhythm Between the Mountains and the Sea" as its theme, focusing on the white mountains and black waters, showing Liaoning's expectations for the Winter Games.

  The subsequent cultural and sports performances included the participation of more than 200 actors, such as the light and shadow dance "Forest Friend", the situational song and dance "With Your Company" and the "Fourteenth Winter" theme song "New Starting Point", allowing people to relive the "Fourteenth Winter" “Unforgettable moments on and off the field.

  At the end of the closing ceremony, the classic song "I Have a Promise with the Grassland" was played, and people made a beautiful promise to see Inner Mongolia again.

  The closing ceremony that night also presented awards to the delegations that won the Sportsmanship Award and the Participation Commemorative Award, and a flag handover ceremony was held.