Ronaldo said that the movement he made expressed strength and victory and was not disgraceful (Getty)

Press reports revealed that star Cristiano Ronaldo, captain of Al-Nassr, tried to justify his immoral move that he made during the Al-Shabab match in the league before the Disciplinary and Ethics Committee of the Saudi Football Federation.

The Disciplinary and Ethics Committee of the Saudi Football Federation decided to summon Ronaldo for questioning about this behavior, against the backdrop of the complaint filed against him by the Al-Shabab Club management.

According to the sources of the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadiya, Ronaldo attended the hearing - this Wednesday morning - and denied making any immoral move.

Ronaldo said - at the hearing - that "the movement you made expresses strength and victory, and is not disgraceful and we are accustomed to it in Europe."

Al-Nasr’s 3-2 victory over Al-Shabab, last Sunday evening, in the 21st round of the Roshen Professional League, witnessed Ronaldo making an inappropriate move, in response to the provocations he was subjected to by Al-Shabab fans.

Voices rose in Saudi sports circles calling for the need to punish Ronaldo, especially since it is not the first time he has committed such acts.


The legend Cristiano Ronaldo's testimony and defenses included previous video clips from the leagues in which he participated.

The statement was also written in a number of languages ​​before being translated into Arabic.@a_altamimi11

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The committee is expected to make its decision within a few hours, after the controversy caused by this behavior.

Press reports indicated that Ronaldo could be punished with a two-match suspension and a fine of 20,000 Saudi riyals.

This is the second incident for Al-Don in a few days after he “went off the script” with disgraceful behavior also in his team’s match against Al-Hilal in the Riyadh Season Cup, in response to Al-Zaeem’s fans who threw the Blue Club’s scarves at him as he was leaving the stadium.

Video clips spread across social media of the 39-year-old Portuguese international making an inappropriate gesture while celebrating his team’s victory over Al-Shabab. It appears that “The Don” was provoked after Al-Shabab fans repeatedly chanted the name of his traditional rival, “Messi,” in the stands.

Saudi media reports confirmed that this inappropriate reference was not shown on television, but the video clips spread across the Internet and sparked very angry reactions.

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