The pitcher for the Major League Dodgers was scheduled to start in an exhibition game on the 29th, Japan time, and was making adjustments in the bullpen in preparation for his first actual game.

In addition, Shohei Otani, who will be participating in the open match on the 28th Japan time, adjusted at the indoor practice field and prepared for his first actual match since September last year.

On the 26th, Dodgers pitcher Yamamoto entered the bullpen at Glendale, Arizona's camp site and threw 25 pitches.

In the bullpen, he checked all of his curveballs, including curveballs and split balls, while Coach Roberts watched.

Pitcher Yamamoto will start in the exhibition game on the 28th and 29th Japan time.

Their opponent is the Rangers, who won the World Series last season.

Manager Roberts has indicated that he intends to have Yamamoto start in the opening series in South Korea next month, and it will be interesting to see how he pitches against the Rangers' strong batting lineup in the first open game in the major leagues. will be done.

On the other hand, Otani, who will be participating in the exhibition game against the White Sox on the 27th (Japan time) and the 28th (Japan time), did not appear at the outdoor practice field but instead adjusted indoors.

NHK will broadcast the open match, which will be Otani's first actual match since September last year, on BS from 5 a.m. on the 28th.