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Most people get cold just by watching Valentina Cafolla trying to get her world record back.

The Croatian dives under a sheet of ice without additional oxygen, with a monofin and in water temperatures of just three degrees.

Cafolla is a high-performance athlete: seven years ago she set a world record.

At that time it went 125 meters under the ice.

Last Thursday, the Japanese Yasuko Ozeki exceeded her performance by one meter.

Apparently Cafolla didn't want to put up with that: just 36 hours after Ozeki's record, she dived back under the ice.

The pulse decreased to 50 beats per minute.

After one minute and forty seconds it's over.

And it was worth it.

The new world record has been achieved.

Cafolla came 140 meters.

Fourteen meters further than Ozeki.

Valentina Cafolla, freediver

»I feel very good.

I am very happy that my work paid off.

I set a new world record in dynamic freediving under the ice, at 140 meters.

I'm very happy about it.«

By the way: The diver set the second world record just one day later.

It went 80 meters with two fins.