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Updated Tuesday, February 27, 2024-12:54

LaLiga announced this Tuesday that the Court of First Instance number 15 of Madrid

has dismissed the lawsuit filed by Athletic Club and Real Madrid against LaLiga

Impulso and has confirmed that the operation with CVC complies with the current legal and statutory frameworks.

In a statement, LaLiga pointed out that the ruling affirms that its statutes were not violated, nor the applicable regulations regarding the management and administration of the audiovisual and economic rights of sports entities.

According to the employers' association, the judicial resolution validates that the procedures followed for

the approval and execution of the operation with the CVC investment fund "met the statutory and legal requirements

, including the necessary votes and approvals within the governing bodies of LaLiga." .

For LaLiga, the ruling concludes that the operation with CVC does not infringe the rights of the clubs participating in it, arguing that the agreements reached "were made in a way that respects the rights and obligations of the clubs, without imposing unfair conditions or that alter significantly their participation and rights within the competition.

It also

recognizes the autonomy of LaLiga to manage and administer its commercial and audiovisual rights

, as long as they are carried out within the existing legal framework.

The organization points out that this includes the ability to carry out financial and commercial operations that are considered beneficial for the group of its members, always respecting the applicable laws and regulations, as is the case of LaLiga Impulso, definitively approved by the LaLiga Assembly in December. of 2021.

"LaLiga celebrates the ruling that once again ratifies the legitimacy of the clubs' agreement with CVC, which has the support of 44 signatory clubs, and has allowed said clubs to project investments, without counting on public aid, which otherwise would have been been unapproachable and that will accelerate the growth of the clubs in 20 years in terms of investment, infrastructure, internationalization and professionalization, among others," said the employers' association.

Subsequently, Javier Tebas, taking advantage of the presentation of LaLiga's Prepared project, attacked Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid.

"It is the ratification that things are done well. It was legal in the civil and criminal spheres," he declared, and criticized the top leader of the white team: "We do not submit to threats and coercion from anyone, no matter how great that person is, in this case the president of Real Madrid, no matter how many influences he has.

Continuing with Pérez, Tebas assured that "some argument will be invented to say that he has won."

"If CVC's partner in Spain, Javier de Jaime, is being threatened by the main club in Spain and the world, it is something to be scared of," he added.