Former sumo wrestler Hakuho's master Miyagino has been punished for his responsibility in supervising his disciple who retired due to violence issues, and former sumo Satoshi Komusubi will serve as acting master of Miyagino stable during next month's spring tournament. Nohana's master Tamagaki will be in charge.

On the 23rd of this month, Master Miyagino received disciplinary action from the Japan Sumo Association, including demotion to two weight classes and reduction in compensation, after being questioned about his responsibility as a supervisor over the issue of his disciple, former makuuchi wrestler Kitaseiho, repeatedly assaulting two junior wrestlers. I did.

Furthermore, because of his lack of knowledge and awareness as a master, Miyagino stable will be supervised by an acting master appointed within the Isegahama clan for next month's spring tournament. .

According to the association, in response to this, Master Tamagaki of Oshima Stable will serve as acting master from the 27th.

Master Tamagaki is a 59-year-old native of Yatsushiro City, Kumamoto Prefecture.

He gained attention for his unique career, starting as a high school teacher before joining the Kakuji industry at the age of 27.

According to those involved, the selection of the acting master was made from among the stable masters of the clan, and the oldest and most experienced master, Tamagaki master, was chosen.

From April onwards, we are considering ways for the Isegahama clan to take over Miyagino Stable in order to provide guidance and education to Miyagino Masters as masters and masters.