Hanshin, aiming to become the first team in professional baseball history to win back-to-back championships, held a camp in Okinawa, and manager Akifu Okada said, ``It seemed like last year's results speak for themselves.At the time of camp, they didn't have 100 points, so they will be wearing jersey numbers.'' 80 points in honor of that day.''

On the 27th, the final day of Hanshin's first-team training camp, which began on the 1st of this month in Ginoza Village, Okinawa Prefecture, coach Okada and the players gathered on the field after general practice, under the shouts of player chairman Takumu Nakano. , it was launched in one go.

Coach Okada said, ``The camp seemed to speak for itself based on last year's results.It feels like we're a bigger team.At the time of camp, we didn't have 100 points, so we scored 80 points, named after our uniform numbers. ” he summed up.

He then expressed his enthusiasm for achieving the first feat in team history, saying, ``This year, we want to all work together toward the same goal of winning back-to-back titles.''

And, as is customary, the camp's MVPs are third-year pitcher Hidetaka Okadome, who has pitched well with no runs in four games, and fellow third-year outfielder, who has continued to impress by hitting home runs in practice games. I mentioned Ukyo Maekawa.

Pitcher Okadome said, ``I'm happy, but since it's starting, I want to reset for now.I want to control the innings I've been entrusted with from now on and look for results one game at a time.''

Maekawa said, ``Honestly, I was really surprised. It's been a good month for me to work on my challenges. I want to work hard every day so that I can compete in the season.''

Hanshin will continue to make adjustments, such as holding an exhibition game at Koshien from March 5th, and will put the final touches on building a team for a season in which they will win back-to-back championships for the first time in team history.