China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 27 (Guoxuan Hao Lingyu) The 14th National Winter Games (referred to as "14th Winter") concluded on the 27th in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia.

In the snow-covered scenery of the Northland, ice and snow athletes from 35 delegations participated in the Winter Games.

The "14th Winter" left behind scenes of classic moments and left a mark on the development history of China's ice and snow sports.

On February 23, the fourth round of the women's round-robin competition in the curling open group of the 14th National Winter Games was held in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia.

The Sichuan team, led by Wang Bingyu, defeated the Yunnan team with a score of 5-4.

The picture shows Wang Bingyu prompting his teammates during the game.

Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  The "three golden flowers" of curling reunite for the winter games - Wang Bingyu, Zhou Yan, and Yue Qingshuang, the golden generation who helped Chinese women's curling win their first world championship and Winter Olympics bronze medal, appeared together in the "14th Winter" competition. It makes people feel like they are back in time.

  After retiring, the three of them successively took up positions such as coaches and teachers. This time they represented the Sichuan team. Wang Bingyu said that she hoped to let the young players see that they can stand on the court and compete at the age of 40.

The veterans are evergreen, and the sportsmanship spirit shines through the years.

On February 24, the finals of the snowboarding slopestyle open category of the 14th National Winter Games were held at the Zhalantun Jinlongshan Ski Resort in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia.

Shanxi team player Su Yiming won the championship with 96.60 points.

This is Su Yiming’s second gold in her first winter sports trip.

Photo by China News Service reporter Tomita

  Su Yiming threw a snowboard to celebrate winning the championship - two event finals, two first-round mistakes, and two comebacks to win the championship.

After the snowboard slopestyle final, Su Yiming threw his snowboard into the air and cheered, releasing the emotions under pressure.

  From a young player competing for medals in the Beijing Winter Olympics to a Winter Olympics champion with an astonishing "Yi", Su Yiming has experienced both physical and mental changes.

"Fourteen Winters" is Su Yiming's opening game at the age of 20. Standing under the spotlight and aiming at the Milan Winter Olympics, he is looking forward to the next victory.

  Xu Mengtao reproduces the difficult moves of the Winter Olympics - In order to win the championship in the mixed team finals of the freestyle skiing aerials open category, Xu Mengtao performed the difficult triple platform moves that he used to win the Beijing Winter Olympics.

Her movements are quite complete and she is satisfied with herself at the age of 33.

  Xu Mengtao had tears in her eyes after failing to win the mixed team gold medal, but her performance was shocking.

In the next two years, will veterans such as Xu Mengtao, Jia Zongyang, and Kong Fanyu appear at the Milan Winter Olympics?

The answer will be verified by time.

  Fujian team's curling team won two silver medals - As the first provincial team in ice and snow sports in the history of Fujian Province, the newly formed Fujian curling team made great progress in the first winter games, winning two silver medals in mixed doubles and men's team.

Behind the creation of history is the in-depth advancement of China’s ice and snow sports “expanding south, west, and east.”

  Li Hongbo, coach of the Fujian curling team, said he hopes to use two medals to call the "Fujian team" a "boost" for the development of curling in the southern provinces.

The "14th Winter" podium is the starting point, helping ice and snow sports continue to "break the circle" in the south.

  Hong Kong men’s ice hockey team has two consecutive wins in the winter sports - from the banks of the Hong Kong River to the northern border, spanning long distances and temperature differences, the Hong Kong youth men’s ice hockey team defeated the Tianjin team 4:1 in the first round and defeated the Jilin team 9:3 in the second game. Two consecutive wins in the group stage.

  Head coach Kan Siu-him said that it was valuable for the Hong Kong team to participate in the youth competition of the "14th Winter".

Standing on the highest arena in the country, the Bauhinia boy realized his dream with hard work and sweat, gained the most valuable competition experience, and let the outside world see the possibility of "ice and snow fever" in a land without ice and snow.

On February 25, the women's singles free skating competition in the open group figure skating group of the 14th National Winter Games was held in Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. Macau player Huang Dongyou participated in the competition.

Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Macau athletes successfully completed the competition - during the "Thirteenth Winter", figure skater He Zhixuan, who was born in 1999, was the "only seedling" of the Macau delegation.

Eight years later, he who once "could only talk to himself" is no longer alone. Open group women's singles player Huang Dongyou and youth group women's singles player Da Renyi have become his partners.

  Since 2003, Macau athletes have begun to compete in the National Winter Games.

Macao relies on the motherland to develop sports. Especially after the Beijing Winter Olympics, Macao's ice and snow sports have been vigorously developed.

For players such as He Zhixuan, the most important thing is to show the style of Haojiang athletes in a high-level arena.

  Sun Long was crowned the "Four Crowns" of short track speed skating - men's 500m, 1000m, 1500m and 5000m relay. Sun Long won four gold medals in short track speed skating, ending his personal first time with a perfect report card. Journey to the Winter Games.

  Sun Long successfully performed the "rabbit tactic" and surpassed three Winter Olympic champions one after another. Sun Long's courage to fight and fight is impressive.

Behind the lead is the greater goal of winning glory for the Chinese team in the international arena.

The "Fourteenth Winter" is a training ground, and Sun Long hopes to prepare for the Milan exam step by step.

  Wang Qiang wins hardware in cross-country skiing - One of the big winners of the "14th Winter" is undoubtedly cross-country skiing star Wang Qiang.

As a leader, Wang Qiang has participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Cross-Country Skiing World Cup, setting a new record for China's best results in cross-country skiing.

  Returning to the domestic arena, Wang Qiang became the "idol" pursued by young domestic players with his absolute strength.

He said that he would teach the best skiing techniques to let young athletes see the hope of entering the international arena.

  The two snowboarding duo are heading to Milan together - Cai Xuetong and Liu Jiayu. Their careers are at the same time as the development of Chinese snowboarding.

Starting from the Vancouver Winter Olympics, they have gone through four Winter Olympics together and have had the honor of being on the podium, but they lacked a gold medal.

  Working together to compete in the "Fourteenth Winter", they won gold and silver medals in the women's snowboard U-shaped field skills.

After the game, the two talked and laughed and agreed to "try to compete in another Winter Olympics."

After making a promise to Milan, the skiing couple looked forward to meeting at the top.

  Youngsters shine with youth - Chen Shuo, a 20-year-old freestyle ski aerials player, won the gold medal in the men's event with difficult moves; Zhou Yizhu, a "genius girl" born in 2011, became the winner of the women's U-shaped snowboarding open category The youngest competitor in the skills final; in the women's 500-meter short track speed skating youth group competition, three athletes have exceeded the world youth record...

  Young people are attacking the veterans, and those born after 2000 have gradually become the main force in many projects.

The emerging talents of the "Fourteenth Winter" may bring more surprises to Milan in two years' time.