China News Service, Hulunbuir, February 27th: Title: Close-up of the closing ceremony: Starting from the grassland, rendezvous with ice and snow

  China News Service reporter Li Aiping and Xing Chong

  "I have an agreement with the grassland to express my longing for each other. Now that I am nestled in the embrace of the grassland, let this agreement become eternal..."

  "I Have a Promise with the Grassland" is a classic grassland song and the theme of the closing ceremony of "Fourteenth Winter".

On the evening of the 27th, the 14th National Winter Games came to an end in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

On February 27, the 14th National Winter Games concluded in Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Pictured is the closing ceremony scene.

Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  The Hailar District of Hulunbuir City, where the closing ceremony was held, has just experienced a spring snow. The Morgele River in the distance is covered with snow. The "Winter Rhythm" emblem of the "Fourteen Winters" is exactly like this "the first curved water in the world", with twists and turns. Among them, the charm of winter is flowing.

  When the Winter Games torch came to northern China for the first time, when the beautiful grasslands were covered with ice and snow, and in the ice and snow of Hulunbuir, more than 3,000 athletes from 35 delegations across the country gathered in the ice and snow "Nadam". During the 11-day competition period, With hard work and enterprising spirit, we jointly present to the outside world this Winter Games with the largest scale, the most projects and the highest standards in history.

  The Hulunbuir Grand Theater is brightly lit at night.

At about 8 p.m., the flags of each participating delegation entered the venue.

As the ice and snow sports "expand southward, westward and eastward", the ice and snow territory continues to expand in China. The "14th Winter" is the first time in the history of the Winter Games that provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are participating in the unit. It is a truly national event.

  35 delegations participated, 26 delegations won gold medals, and 30 delegations won medals. The number of participating delegations and the coverage of gold medals and medals in the "14th Winter" have been significantly increased.

Under the banner of the Winter Games, China's ice and snow sports have blossomed and become popular.

  The closing ceremony is the end of the "Fourteenth Winter" and a new beginning.

When the main torch of the "14th Winter" slowly goes out, the "14th Winter" officially comes to an end, and the National Winter Games enters "Liaoning Time".

The 15th National Winter Games will be held in Liaoning Province in 2028.

On February 27, the closing ceremony of the 14th National Winter Games was held at the Hulunbuir Grand Theater in Inner Mongolia.

Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Heart to heart, we parted ways. More than 200 actors participated in the closing ceremony's cultural and sports performance that night.

The light and shadow dance "Forest Friend" was performed first, and the scenery of Hulunbuir once again made people intoxicated.

Mountains and seas are not far away, we go to the ice and snow appointment together, become close friends with each other, and look forward to the next meeting.

  Looking back on the situation since the opening of the "Fourteenth Winter", people also want to say thank you to each other.

The situational dance "With Your Company" pays tribute to every devotee in front of and behind the scenes. Every contribution gathered together to become the strongest force for the successful hosting of the "14th Winter".

  The "Fourteenth Winter" theme song "New Starting Point" was performed again.

The family and the country have the same dream, and China is of the same mind. Starting from the "14th Winter", Chinese ice and snow athletes embark on a new journey and meet new challenges, accumulate strength for the Milan Winter Olympics two years later, and move forward bravely for the high-quality development of China's ice and snow sports. , working together to draw a "new starting point" for China's ice and snow.

  At the end of the closing ceremony, the classic song "I Have a Promise with the Grassland" played.

Eight years ago, China's northern Inner Mongolia made a promise of ice and snow, "to be a good host and improve a city." The "cold resources" continued to release the "heat effect", leaving unforgettable memories of the winter sports and showing the development of China's urban construction to the outside world. new image.

At the end of the closing ceremony of "Fourteenth Winter", the classic song "I Have a Promise with the Grassland" played.

Photo by China News Service reporter Cui Nan

  Set off from the grassland and make another appointment with ice and snow.

When the vegetation is lush and green, let’s take a look at the northern frontier of China that has been changed by the “14th Winter”; when the winter season comes again, let’s look forward to another dream blooming under the snow and ice.