Valieva acted as the host of a travel show

Kamila Valieva continues to try herself in different roles.

So, this week an episode of the travel show “Route for Two” was released with the participation of the figure skater.

She explored the sights of Tula using photographs from 20 years ago.

The athlete visited a gingerbread shop, where, together with subscriber Arsen, they took a master class on making a sweet flour product, visited the attractions in Central Park and rode a scooter around the evening city.

Also in the program, Kamila and her co-host recorded a musical track in the Octave cultural cluster.

At the same time, the famous producer Igor Matvienko does not see anything wrong with the fact that athletes, in particular figure skaters, try themselves in music.

Earlier it was reported that Valieva was recording a joint song with Mia Boyka.

“I have a positive attitude towards this.

Now is the time not even for musicians and performers, but for brands.

Conventionally, Olga Buzova made herself as a TV presenter, and now she can do anything: skate, sing songs, play in the theater.

Because there is a brand,” said the specialist.

Producer Pavel Rudchenko, in turn, highly appreciated the prospects of figure skaters in music.

“Zagitova, Valieva and Trusova are very creative people themselves.

They have a huge fan base that needs to be entertained and engaged.

Of course, when a figure skater ends her active sports career, she may be told that she needs to take advantage of her popularity.

The best way to do this is through creativity.

I think many producers offer their services for promotion, which is why we see such zeal among skaters in music and cinema.

This is already becoming a whole phenomenon.

Whether it’s good or bad - everyone decides for themselves,” Rudchenko explained.

In addition to filming the show, Valieva was memorable this week for her appearance at the Opening Ceremony of the Future Game phygital tournament, which took place in Kazan.

She took a seat in the stands next to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In the sports world, this gesture from the head of state was seen as support for the figure skater in a difficult situation with a four-year disqualification.

“This is a signal to everyone else that Camila continues to be an honest and pure athlete for us.

I wish Valieva every success, but recent history should teach both athletes, those around them, and doctors a lot,” commentator Dmitry Guberniev noted.

Russian President Dmitry Peskov, press secretary, spoke in the same vein.

“She is one of the ambassadors of the Fidget Games.

And, of course, the president supports her,” the TASS official quotes.

Zagitova will not coach at her school

Minister of Sports of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov shared new details of the construction of Alina Zagitova’s school in Kazan.

According to the official, construction of the building should begin in the summer of 2024.

“We are now at the finalization stage of the project.

The location for the school has been determined; it will be the city center.

If everything goes well, we will implement the project this year.

This is the plan.

Of course, there are a number of technical things.

We don't know how much the project will cost in the end.

But there is a desire!

- said Leonov.

At the same time, according to the minister, Zagitova is already looking for specialists who can work with children in Kazan in the future.

“She will oversee this area.

While Alina is not a coach, she is still more of an athlete.

I think she will be more of, as they say in hockey, a general manager.

Select personnel, supervise, monitor, set tasks,” Leonov noted.

At the same time, Honored Coach of the USSR Tatyana Tarasova is confident that Zagitova will be able to achieve success in any position.

“I think Alina will succeed.

She is such a successful girl that everything works out for her.

What kind of profession is this that she might not succeed in?”

- said the RIA Novosti specialist. 

Lutfullin tried to perform a quadruple axel

Gleb Lutfullin began to master the quadruple axel.

True, the first attempt at training ended in a fall, but the skater does not plan to give up.

“I decided to try this jump, to understand the sensations - how and what.

Malinin has been jumping him for two years now, everyone is watching, and I thought: what if I screw it up?

You could say this is excitement against the backdrop of the general atmosphere.

By the way, I saw that Artur Danielyan also tried it.

In this axel, it is important to spin as quickly as possible in order to have time to complete all the revolutions.

I think I’ll try the quadruple axel once a month, because after it the muscles hurt a lot,” Lutfullin explained.

At the same time, RT columnist Elena Vaitsekhovskaya was very surprised by the athlete’s statement.

According to her, if the muscles hurt after a jump, it means that the body is simply not ready to perform it yet.

“In a recent interview with Sasha Enbert, we talked quite a lot about figure skating through comparison with diving.

Both there and there there is the concept of readiness for a new leap.

Roughly speaking, if an athlete is not able to twist three turns back with an opening to his full height from a height of 7.5 meters, it makes no sense to send him to the “ten” to do three and a half turns.

The mechanics of performing jumps on ice should be similar: the athlete must be ready for a quadruple jump not only psychologically, but most importantly, his muscles must be ready.

Those that are responsible for the height of the jump, for the speed of rotation.

In this regard, Gleb Lutfullin’s phrase baffles me,” Vaitsekhovskaya wrote in her Telegram channel.

They plan to surprise the fans next season with Alexander Boykov and Dmitry Kozlovsky.

According to the partner, if he loses a little weight, the guys can try to perform a parallel quadruple jump.

“But so far I don’t see the point of using this in figure skating.

The program should accompany the development of the athlete and look advantageous on the ice.

We start from what the audience wants, what is valued in the domestic and international arena,” Kozlovsky said.

Bean has recovered, Samarin is ready for the last chord

Good news has come for the fans of Peter Gumennik.

The skater recovered from his illness, due to which he missed the Spartakiad, and began full training.

It was reported that he suffered from double pneumonia and also tested positive for coronavirus.

Fans will see the skater on the ice very soon.

He will take part in the Channel One Cup.

The tournament will take place from March 1 to March 3 in St. Petersburg.

Moreover, in a new format: this time the athletes will be divided into three teams.

The draw will take place the day before.

All tournament participants have already been determined.

And in this list, the appearance of the name of Alexander Samarin, who announced the end of his sports career after the Spartakiad, is surprising.

Moreover, this was the choice of the Russian Figure Skating Federation.

“This is very unexpected and pleasant for me.

Happy to have this opportunity.

Many thanks to both the federation and all the guys who helped me ride more.

But my statement in any case did not mean a desire to go home and lie down to rest.

I continue to be part of the Russian national team, so I keep myself in good condition,” Samarin said.

Meanwhile, Roman Savosin does not plan to limit himself to the Channel One Cup in March.

The athlete, who became the opening of the season, applied to participate in the Russian Challenge show program tournament.

These competitions will also be held in St. Petersburg.

"I feel good.

We are preparing for the upcoming tournament in early March.

We sent an application for the “Russian Challenge”.

I hope I can take part.

There are already ideas, but I won’t say which ones yet,” Savosin told Match TV.

Ekaterina Mironova and Evgeniy Ustenko also returned to training after their partner’s illness.

The dance duo plans to apply for the Russian Challenge.

Tuktamysheva was unable to call a taxi

 in China

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva spoke about her adventures in China, where she performed in the show.

According to the skater, the only problem was with a taxi, since registering with a local application requires time, a Chinese bank card and a SIM.

“In the end, we never managed to do it - we called a taxi at the reception, and then, relying only on luck, we caught a car on the street.

Drivers stop, but usually the cars are busy, so we had to wait.

In addition, few people in China understand English, and taxi drivers are no exception.

Sometimes they did not understand where to take us, although I even showed the hotel card to explain.

And this was the only inconvenience - it was difficult to travel on your own.

Leaving the hotel is not difficult, but returning is problematic, even scary,” Lisa admitted in a blog on

As Tuktamysheva noted, the skaters had accompanying persons; if desired, they could take with them a person who spoke Chinese.

But she didn’t want to burden someone else for the whole day for her own entertainment.

Sotnikova celebrated the anniversary of the victory

February 20 marked exactly 10 years since Adelina Sotnikova’s victory at the Sochi Olympics.

She went down in history as the first Russian woman to win gold in women's singles.

“This day cannot be described in words, it is forever in my heart.

There's more to it than just winning.

He is a symbol of the impossible, achievable, a dream that has become reality.

This day will remain in our hearts forever, reminding us that the power of the spirit can perform miracles, and self-confidence can move mountains.

This is not only a victory for me, but also for my team, family and the whole country,” Sotnikova wrote on social networks.

Olympic champion Natalya Bestemyanova, in turn, called Adeline’s achievement unique.

“The intensity of the fight in figure skating is unreal, the audience was happy, especially when our guys were skating.

I can't imagine how they set it up.

There was enormous tension in the air.

I don’t like to go back and say “if only”.

The situation turned out like this.

There is no subjunctive mood in sports.

Sotnikova was stronger than Kim Young Ah. Her cascade decided everything, it was fantastic.

It was absolutely clear who was stronger technically,” noted Bestemyanova.

Tutberidze celebrated her anniversary

On February 24, coach Eteri Tutberidze celebrated her 50th birthday.

On this day, many warm words were said to the specialist from colleagues in the workshop, former and current students, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Sports and the ROC.

Evgenia Medvedeva and Kamila Valieva did not forget about their mentor, who congratulated her on social networks.

And Andrei Mozalev, who joined Tutberidze’s group only in January, said that the coach’s severity is exaggerated.

“She takes a very responsible approach to her work and strives for students to show the maximum of what they are capable of.

And for this they need to make every effort.

This is demanding, this is joint work for results.

I would like to wish that students are always pleased with their results, that their successes serve as a source of constant motivation for her, and that failures become only a reason to change something for the better.

Eternal harmony with yourself and with the world, flight of inspiration and imagination,” said Mozalev.

Another student, Daniil Samsonov, noted the specialist’s special approach to work, which hooked him.

“She values ​​every minute of her time.

He works seven days a week and always tries to come to training whenever possible, helping us all the time.

For me this is what is very valuable.

There were bright moments in working with her, there were failures that we went through together.

The same operations, sores and injuries.

The coach was always by my side, helped me in some way and continues to help me with everything to this day,” said Samsonov.

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