The Japanese team players who participated in the World Team Table Tennis Championship held a press conference, and Hina Hayata, the women's ace who came in runner-up, just one step away from China, who won the tournament for the sixth time in a row, said, ``I hope we can win in the Paris Olympics.'' I want to do my best,'' he vowed.

At the World Team Table Tennis Championships held in Busan, South Korea from the 16th to the 25th of this month, Japan earned the right to participate in both the men's and women's team and singles events at the Paris Olympics, and the women won the tournament for the sixth consecutive time in the final. They showed an even fight, coming close to China, who had achieved the same goal, and became runners-up for the fifth consecutive tournament.

The players held a press conference in Tokyo after returning to Japan on the 26th, and Hayata, who led the team as the women's ace, said, ``I was allowed to play in all the matches, and I was able to win one in the final, but I was ranked No. 1 in the singles world rankings.'' When I faced off against Son Yee-sha, I really felt that I was lacking in strength.I want to do my best in the remaining six months so that I can win the match in preparation for the Paris Olympics.''

Miu Hirano said, ``It was the most rewarding yet frustrating tournament I've ever participated in.I've always wanted to win a medal, but now that I've won a silver medal, I'm aiming for a gold medal for the first time. "I want to expand what I can do and be able to play stable and strong table tennis by the Olympics," he said enthusiastically.

In addition, Miwa Harimoto, who supported the team's progress despite being 15 years old, said, ``It was my first World Championship, but I was able to do my best until the end with the help of my seniors. I'm disappointed that I couldn't respond, so I have to work harder."

On the other hand, men's ace player Tomokazu Harimoto commented on their loss to China in the quarterfinals, saying, ``It's very disappointing that we couldn't win a medal.The current men's team is on the thin line between winning a medal and not winning a medal.'' So, in order to make sure we win a medal, each of us will work hard for about six months until the Olympics to raise our world rankings and get a good seeding.''