China News Service, Beijing, February 26th. On the morning of the 26th, Beijing time, the 2024 Snooker Players Championship ended in the UK. Mark Allen, the Northern Ireland "Little Steel Cannon" who was crowned in the event, won the 11th ranking championship. , Chinese player Zhang Anda won the runner-up and missed his second personal ranking championship.

  The final of the 2024 Snooker Players Championship started on the 25th local time. The game adopts a best-of-19 game system and is divided into two stages.

  Although Mark Allen, who is third in the world rankings, is above Zhang Anda (13th), in this season's rankings, Zhang Anda, who is also third, is higher than Mark Allen. Lun (12th).

In the quarter-finals and semi-finals, Zhang Anda successively eliminated two Grand Slam winners John Higgins and Mark Selby who were ranked above him in the world, and was considered to be very likely to win the championship. .

  At the beginning of this campaign, Zhang Anda made a strong attack as expected and got a dream start of 3-0.

Not to be outdone, the "Little Steel Cannon" tied the score 3-3 after three consecutive shots. At the end of the first stage, the two sides were tied 4-4.

  In the second stage that started in the early morning of the 26th, Beijing time, Mark Allen took the lead and then went on to score 5-4. This was also the first time that Mark Allen took the lead in this game.

Subsequently, Zhang Anda won two more games, rewriting the score to 6-5.

  But at this time, Zhang Anda seemed to be at the end of his strength and made more mistakes. Mark Allen took the opportunity to win 3 more games, leading 8-6. From then on, he firmly controlled the situation on the court, and finally sealed the victory with 10-8, winning his title in the game. The second ranking event championship this season and the 11th in his career.

  From 3 to 0 to 8 to 10, Zhang Anda, who lost his "dream start", fell short and missed the top spot. However, he reached the finals of the English Open, International Championship and Players Championship this season, becoming the second player after Ding Junhui. The second Chinese player to reach the ranking finals three times in a single season.

With 1 crown (international championship) and 2 Asian medals this season, Zhang Anda's latest world ranking rose to 12th.

  The Players Championship is a highly valuable snooker event. Only the top 16 players in the world rankings in a single season can qualify.

A total of 3 Chinese players are among the top 16 in the world rankings this season, namely Zhang Anda in the third place, Ding Junhui in the sixth place, and Zhou Yuelong in the 15th place. However, both Ding Junhui and Zhou Yuelong lost in the first round of 16-8.

  Among the top ten players in the world, three were unable to compete due to their low rankings this season. They are: defending champion Shaun Murphy ranked sixth in the world, fourth Luca Brecher, and tenth Karen Wilson. .

O'Sullivan and Trump, who are ranked top two in the world, both stopped in the quarterfinals. O'Sullivan was swept out by Mark Selby, ranked fifth in the world, 0-6 in the quarter-finals.