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Updated Monday, February 26, 2024-16:40

Ricky Rubio

returned to play basketball with the Spanish team in his first two games of the qualifier for next year's Eurobasket.

His debut with


, for now, has not yet arrived, and the discomfort in his knee that surfaced during the duel against Belgium may make it take a while.

However, he prefers to focus on the now.

That is the great lesson he has learned after taking a step aside to take care of his mental health.

This was emphasized in his official presentation as a Barça player, in this case for the second time in his career.

For now, yes, only until the end of this course, although "100% committed."

The most important thing for him is to go step by step.

"If this ever happens again, I'll have to stop," he confesses.

"Until Sunday, I was thinking about the FIBA ​​windows. Today my time at


begins and when it's over, I will think about what comes next," says the man from El Masnou, who has felt fully supported by the Barça locker room.

"I have had very strange sensations. We automate a lot as players and we do not realize many things. We get lost, today, now. You feel that you have not been present and that you have not enjoyed. The locker room has helped me a lot to feel like one more. I was absolutely right to come," reiterates the point guard, who believes that his story can be of help to others who may find themselves in the same circumstances.

"At first I thought 'fake an injury and then you won't have to explain,' but I think I can help others who go through the same thing. Talking about mental health is a victory for society. It's also happening in the NBA. Here, with


. When we see ourselves reflected in someone, we don't feel alone. Unfortunately, we all need help at some point and asking for it is brave," he emphasizes.

"I feel a little different, but I'm still


. I will be transparent with my process, because I think it can help others. I have always had contact with


and that has made things a lot easier. I explained my idea to them and I thank them very much for their out of line," says

Ricky Rubio

, for whom touching a basketball again was something difficult to describe.

"It was like climbing the Dragon-Khan. Luckily, I had some guidelines, and I approached it as a game. Basketball is a game. We take it as life or death, and it's not like that. It's a process of ups and downs, but you are sure when things are done well and you have a solid base," highlights the Barça point guard, who confesses that the option of permanently hanging up his shoes was really very present.

"Since last August 1, every day I woke up basketball was over, because the person disappeared. There are things that go together, but I have to separate them. I built myself from the outside in and now I have done it the other way around," points out.

The situation he went through was really complicated and she has kept him away from basketball for almost 8 months.

"I felt like a coward, for not having the strength. For the first time I prioritized myself, I thought of myself first and I think it was the right decision," he asserts.

"I have been in the dark, but by working and with the help of the necessary professionals, you can get out. A word, a hug, a 'I'm here', everything helps. Now, I'm here again," reiterates the point guard, who assumes that, at this moment, he is still in the process of personal reconstruction.

"Now the current Ricky is being built and I am very proud of the process. The essence is there, but I feel strange. I will change mechanisms that I had before," he says.